A Request to CCP

Is there any way to give us an option to stop enemies from cyno’ing supers onto our small fleet’s, its overkill and tilts the game heavily in favor of joining a massive alliance as the only option of survival.

Our allies wont even undock anymore to fight because of “but they can just cyno on us” we are getting depressed and not sure of our future in eve, we hate giving up and like to experiment but the future of eve is looking pretty grim for smaller groups, even moving to low wouldn’t help because supers and titans can operate there as well.

We tried the mobile cyno inhibitor but it takes too long to activate the enemy can light a cyno and drop in about 6-10 seconds, and the mobile cyno inhibitor takes 2 minutes to setup. I’m not sure what would be a balanced way to deal with this issue for small sized pvp groups but I hope you guys with your creative minds can find a great solution to this problem.



What are small groups doing with such massive enemies? Are you in, or near, their space? I’m not defending them, just asking questions.

Have you considered wormholes?

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It’s not about the stabber tiddle that’s something else far away from our home (we had to go through a wormhole to get to that) , our enemies that live right near our home’s they are backed by pl and have a massive cap fleet of their own. We have thought about wormhole’s but we have never lived in one before and our members are not keen on it.

that’s the only kill i’ve found where you get SC dropped on you and i understand the level of frustration but how about you spin that and try to understand why they did that to you? or either you find who don’t mind to clash with you is a subcapitals.

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We haven’t got dropped on because we avoid fighting with them at all cost’s because they drop on absolutely everything they can around us including our allies, but we can’t avoid enemies forever or we just end up getting bullied and pushed out of npc null.

Well, there’s the mobile cyno inhibitor…

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There’s also HS.

–Gadget kids

I was thinking the same thing but they are limited and probably not going to help when gates or on stations.

“May not be deployed within 200km of another Mobile Cynosural Inhibitor, within 75km of Stargates or Stations, or within 40km of a Starbase. Cannot be retrieved once deployed.
Self-destructs after one hour of operation.”

This is rather limiting as cynos can be lit on stargates but you can’t deploy an inhibitor with 75km. Because they have a 100km effective range someone will need to drop it 76km from the gate. But then they have a 2 minute activation timer.

So really to be effective need to be prepared but will not be able to stop sudden hot drops.


Everything is possible. Someone could make a system that regulates flow of ships into the system. heavily regulated environment. Sort of moderation for PvP. I will only leave it for discussion as I dont think CCP will ever consider doing something such restrictive, instead they prefer players A restricting players B, so they are angry on these players B or CCP. .

I hate to seem unsympathetic, and I’m not a member of some big nullsec cartel (never have been). However, I don’t see how this is any different than when I try to go into lowsec and get blown away by some huge gatecamp on the other side who have me outnumbered by 10-1 or 100-1, and it has happened to me about a bazillion times. Honestly, I die so fast I literally don’t know what hit me.

My choices are pretty much “don’t do that anymore,” i.e. I just have to accept that I’m one guy, and there’s just not much I can do about bigger groups and gangs and guys with bazillions of skill points ganging up on me. So I just have to go where they aren’t, which limits my options.

I guess I’m saying, if you want some option to stop enemies from cyno’ing supers onto your fleet, I want options to stop enemies from gate camping onto me, and I want options for about a dozen other things as well.


You can look at dotlan + you can copy the system name that your about to jump into, into zkill and it will show you all kills that has happend recently, will help determine if its camp’ed.

I’m guessing you didn’t read the whole post before responding…

2 Minute deployment time is way to slow to do anything with, if it was 10 seconds then it would be useful.

But bare with me a second, if ccp designed a t2 ship that could inhibit cyno’ing in its area something like a deploy-able bubble or something to make it easier on the cpu instead of a radius around the ship, then it would shake everything up a bit, sub cap fleets would need to be strong enough to wipe out these ships before they are able to warp in cap’s and supers , so fights would have a bit more of a progression instead of wam full force instantly.


ohhh nice idea to whoever said it, yes to a ship like the heavy interdictor that has AOE cyno inhibition, but like the HIC if an AOE field is active, it is immobile and other stuffs.

but no more than 40 or 50 km aoe.


Yes, and if the system is camped, I must simply go elsewhere - I am denied. You too can go elsewhere if your space is patrolled by PL or whoever.

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An interceptor can get through, a mwd cloaky, a t3c, even a normal ship using the mwd cloak trick (not as reliable but possible). Definitely not a venture https://zkillboard.com/kill/68352483/ lol’s even a rat gate camp is too much for it.

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My Corp recognized this same issue and moved into a WH. I think we have to think of the source of the issue instead of trying to fix the symptom. Super-cap Proliferation was never really thought of or balanced around when introduced to the game. Even if some of the largest super-cap fleets wanted to kill each other the servers would likely vomit. How do you balance around an ever increasing percentage of the EVE population being able and willing to field supers? I don’t have the answer to that unfortunately.


this is why small groups cant own null without renting, no one is going to gather a massive fleet and actually take over null area because the enemy forces are bigger, they will already have spies on you, and you’d be war declared into oblivion.

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I really like the idea that a group can be so proficient with sub cap’s that they are able to deni larger fleet’s from beind able to deploy their super’s, it would add an extra layer to combat instead of a pure brute force approach, I agree with some here that Instead of it being a new ship it would be better to add cyno inhibitors to Interdictor bubbles and to Heavy inter dictor’s so they can cancel a ship’s cyno if they are in range and on field.


This really has nothing to do with anything. The ‘problem’ is larger, more organized, more rich, more high-SP folks than you organizing up to fight you and deny you whatever it is you are trying to do.

If supers didn’t exist (and at one point they didn’t), they’d do it to you in battleships. If battleships didn’t exist, they’d do it to you in cruisers. If you took out cruisers and made the game ‘frigates online,’ they’d do it to you in that. Capships have nothing to do with it, they are just another class of ship in the game.

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Putting aside the hyperbole, its been clear for a decade that CCP considers increasing group size a feature and not a bug.

Don’t frame the problem as a small vs large thing. Work within CCPs ideology and you might get the tools you want


You haven’t actually identified a problem with the game, only a personal problem that you are having trouble finding solutions to yourself. This is part of the gameplay. If you want to operate as a smaller entity, then you have to learn how to do so despite competition from the larger ones. If you can’t do that, that’s on you, but there are plenty of people operating just fine in these circumstances.