What if.. Cynos

Give a defensive buff of some type to ships that have a cyno lit. Not quite as strong as the ADC but something similar. I like the direction of not everything can fit a cyno however without the ability to get ships into the fight, the fight won’t happen. Before the change one would warp a sacrificial cyno ship in and jump a fax or another cap to it and the cap would lite it’s cyno, the “hard” cyno to jump the rest of the fleet to. Without the hard cyno it is to risky to jump your fleet in.

All we need is a monitor - like tanked non-combat able ships, for let say 1/10 price of a monitor. Able to fit and lit cyno, but no cargo, ewar / mobility bonuses… Just a brick tank to sit there with cyno on. Industrial flag ship so to say…

God no. Monitors were a terrible idea, basically no one wanted them and they don’t stop headshots very well anyway.
We don’t need more single purpose alt only ships that don’t let you engage with the game.
Whatever ship you are flying should always give you lots of actions to take. That is exciting then.


Remember, the intent of the change was to explicitly remove that type of tactic. Cyno ships must be easily destroyable with grid control.

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In general feedback thread I proposed a deployable cyno that would have 60 seconds onlining timer and low enough ehp to be taken out easily with a small gang, yet large enough to prevent a single arty loki from killing it before it goes online. That would make moving caps for solo people much easier, but it would prevent cynos being used to escalate fights (which was the main problem with cynos before changes, I suppose). Whether it should be scoopable and how much cargo it will take (being able to place it in a travelceptor is probably a bad idea, but it shouldn’t take more than 400-500 m^3 of cargo space either) would be debatable.

Mind blowing fact, EVE has other ship classes that can do damage!

The only thing is that they require skill and a competent helms(wo)man.

Was to get cynos off ceptors, caps, and newbie ships. just let cruiser to bs hulls only be cynos. leave the bonus on recons. Then we can still have disposable (~60m) cynos instead of >400m. All without allowing nullified cynos and caps that can summon their own backup fleet.

Lets be honest. The only actual problem was cynos on caps, effectively giving them a speed dial for a rescue fleet, making it all but impossible to engage a capital before faxes jumped in to save it, followed by the rest of the armada.

Bait cynos were never horrible. They were legitimate, and fine. Cyno-fit hunters were also fine. Blobbing can be done with anything, especially during the blackout.

Preventing cynos from fitting on jump-capable ships would have been more than sufficient.

Now that I think about it, just make it so that a cyno cannot be lit within 1000km of a jump drive. Any jump drive. Exception being covert cynos, which can be, because that’s basically their thing (surprise motherfucker).

Any capital entry would effectively have to come from off-grid, making a rescue fleet go into and out of warp before they could assist. That alone is enough time to blap a capital, and put some serious hurt on a super. Add some drag bubbles and it’ll put supers at risk too, rewarding prepared roaming fleets.

Lastly, get rid of PANIC. Just… get rid of it. A rorq can have a pretty ■■■■■■■ mean active tank, that’s more than fair.