Why deployable cyno beacons instead of the old cyno system?

You limit ships that can use cynos then you make a deployable cyno that all ships can use?

Because it will have more restrictions, it apparently takes 2 minutes to anchor during which time it can be shot and destroyed, meaning they won’t even get a cyno out of it, then there will be production costs etc


A cyno ship was locked in place for 10 minutes and could be shot and there was production cost. Now every sub in fleet will have a cyno beacon in cargo and drop them and blob, blob, blob…

Cycle timer is lower on certain hulls

And if you’re giving them 2 minutes to launch and deploy a mobile cyno then you kind of deserve to be blob blob blobed

You do realise that its 2 minutes before the cyno even lights right?

Meaning its of no use as a surprise cyno

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And then the other side warps out while you’re waiting for the deployable beacon to finish deploying. The whole point of the original changes was to make it more difficult to drop capital blobs onto every random fight and this change keeps that restriction while making it less of a pain in the ass to move capitals outside of combat.


Yeah the cycle timer is five minutes on a recon and the ship cost is 250 mil. And just think of the tidi from fleet fights with 150 per side dropping cyno beacons.

Nice one. Xtra shows even better how completely out of balance this is. You don’T even need to put your cyno ship at risk anymore.

@Cypherous You have no clue how “surprise” works in EVE. Nor about “cost” as these things will be expendable, just as Mobile Cyno Jammers are. You don’t have the slightest clue. The only thing you can do is come up with excuses for CCP’s garbage design choices.

Can’t imagine it will add much in terms of TiDi unless you’re shooting at them, its just a static deployable just generates an effect, its not different than lighting 150 cyno’s manually

If you’re surprised by something thats sat in space for 2 minutes then you’re doing it very very wrong

So i assume by that you have the build production costs of said items right? i’m sure you’ll be happy to share them, because mobile doesn’t by default mean cheap and expendable, but you’ll share those build costs with us now right? and i would put the cost at above the mobile inhib fairly easily given what it provides

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How about you look that up yourself? Or maybe just look up the market price for the item? The price is very easy to figure out. Here, let me help you:

Mobile Cyno Inhib Prod Cost

Can you do anything on your own besides talking rubbish? Or are you desperately looking for a job at CCP? Judging by your suggestion that they could just increase the price over the Inhib, you really are looking for a job there. Because that is one of the reasons why the Inhib is not as widely used as it could be.

If you had at least checked the YT video, you’d know how wrong you are. You don’t even need a cyno recon anymore with this thing. The delay between a recon coming to you after a dictor bubbled and a dictor bubbling you and warping to a ping to drop the beacon depot is about the same. Plus, it’s cheaper and no intel can report a recon anymore.

For an item that doesn’t currently exist?

You linked to the build costs for the inhib, not the cyno beacon, which is what i was asking for

So maybe you might want to try that again

So there is a youtube video about an unreleased item? cool please link that, and please tell me you’re not talking about that cartoon animation above

Right but your solo dictor is still going to have to keep whatever it is tackled for 2 minutes while the new becon even anchors, thats an extra 2 minutes you’re giving the targets friends to appear to rescue it before you even get to start jumping your forces in to the system to then begin to start shooting at it compared to the zero delay currently involved

The old cyno system allowed people to fit re-usable cynos to all ships without significant downsides and light one immediately.

The new deployable cynos allow people to deploy a very telegraphed (2 minute warning) cyno beacon that allow agressors 2 more minutes to fight or prepare for a retreat. And it’s not re-useable. And cannot be used on stations, as deployables have more restrictions than cyno modules.

And I suppose the deployable cyno has a fixed amount of HP, allowing CCP to more easily balance the survivability of the cyno. Previously capital ships could fit a Cyno, it takes a bit longer to take one of those down.

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You didn’t ask for the Mobile Beacon. You were contesting with the price of the inhib. Maybe you ought to make your point clearer in the future as I was talking about the cyno inhib as reference. Plus, as I said, and as many people have pointed out in the past. The price for a nonrecoverable item like a Cyno Inhib is already too high to justify the use. Making a cyno beacon even more expensive, introduces just another database corpse that no one uses. And that’s just the kind of thing where the devs should put their oh-so-scarce and precious dev time into. More useless items.

The bubble it launched lasts for 2 minutes. Coincidence? :thinking: And by warping back, burning in, launching a new bubble and cloaking, you cannot even be attacked by the super. Granted, the dictor needs to be competent.

There is no zero delay currently. Your recon also has to arrive in the system where your dictor found a and tackled a target. Want to try that again?

Yes, I am talking about this animation because Xtra has a much better understanding of the mechanics than you do.

I did, you even compared their cost to the cyno jammer, meaning you clearly knew we were talking about the beacon

Yet, much like your reply, entirely skips over the part where the defenders now have 2 minutes to get to the system before your fleet can even arrive to shoot the super, compared to the zero delay now, so want to address that elephant in the room?

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What is so hard with comprehending that there is a delay at the moment, too, since the Recon has to get into the system first before it can light a cyno? Are you hard of reading of something? There is hardly any difference in delay between the two. The difference is that you can light a cyno with your dictor or other tackle ship again and don’t have to wait for the recon that might be 2 or 3 jumps away.

The thing also doesn’t broadcast a cyno until it’s up and when it’s up it’s exactly the same as a cyno recon, just much cheaper.

Not really, no. I mentioned the Jammers to counter your unfounded price argument. You kept talking about the price afterwards because you think they beacons could or would be more expensive than the jammer, even though the jammer is already too expensive for its usage scenarios. You used the same dumb argument that CCP uses to justify the price of the jammer.

The recon can already be there, just like the ship dropping the mobile cyno beacon can already be there.

The main difference is not the ship arrival delay (which happens in both cases), but the activation delay which only exists for the mobile cyno.

stupidest backtrack ever. once again any ship in your space can be a cyno. As much as i hated the limit to force recons, this is worse. (insert rant about cloaky campers here too)

True, but now the cyno is telegraphed with a 2 minute delay. A lot of things can happen in 2 mimutes.

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What if the deployable cyno was 500m3 - how is an inty or “Any Ship” to use your words going to be a cyno ship?

Yes, i am on the CSM, no i don’t know how big the item will be (I picked 500m3 out of thin air), i am just playing devils advocate…


Its not hard to comprehend, i am well aware of it, they should be following your dictors around seeing as you seem to have them in the same area so there shouldn’t really be much of a delay unless you’re doing something wrong

Ok so you’ve had experience using the new thing that i assume means its already on SISI or are you just assuming it doesn’t broadcast anything?

And i’m still thinking they will end up being more expensive, considering the cost of the hull they are replacing there would need to be limitations, otherwise they could just change cyno’s to need a warmup timer and then give them back to other ships negating the module entirely

The fact that they didn’t would seem to tell me that there is going to be a cost associated with it, i wouldn’t expect them to be anywhere near as cheap as you’re hoping they will be, they will provide options but not be a straight replacement for actual cyno ships

Indeed, the unknown variables involved here can limit what ships can actually use them, until we see them on SISI there is a lot of speculation but given the power such an item could provide and given that CCP specifically removed cyno’s from most hulls means i doubt they would just throw it back on any hull without some drawbacks