Why no cyno beacons?

It’s been a while since i last played but I remember you used to be able to light cynos in WH space still have screen shots of doing it in our old C4. I wanted to put a mobile one down after seeing they had been added just to see if anyone would warp to it confused. However I was informed that you can’t actually deploy them. Is there a reason for this? you could never jump to a normal cyno in J-space even if you were in range via the constellation map so i don’t see why beacons would be an issue.

Not sure if I am correct but… I would not want a carrier fleet/dread fleet in a c1. So I think it’s for balance reasons. That’s my thinking

But you already can’t jump to cynos in wh. You can light a cyno (or used to be able to) it was just useless.

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It was one thing to be able to activate a module on a ship. I believe the module used to just check whether you were outside HS space. It is entirely a different set of rules that govern deployables.

Is it? What is different?

I kinda just explained it.

When Cyno’s came out there was no WH space. The module only had to check if it was in space lower than .5 sec status. Since you cannot lock onto one inside a WH (where wormholes have the same sec status as nullsec space) it didn’t matter if you could activate one.

When CCP started releasing all of these deployables they obviously gave themselves much more control over where exactly they could and couldn’t be deployed.

Oh well yeah but why not let them be lit in wh?

Sigh. I’ll let you figure the rest out.

If they have more control wouldn’t they have the ability to let them be anchored in wh?

Ok so I’ll try again. IF cyno’s had come out after WH space was introduced, it is likely that CCP would have made the module so it could not be used in WH space from the beginning.

So the more relevant question is why didn’t they update the cyno module to not allow it to be activated in WH space? The likely answer is since it isn’t useful in WH space, it wasn’t worth the effort.

It’s useful. Makes great bait and we hold vigils too

Sorry I didn’t realize I had to spell everything out explicitly. No game mechanic usefulness (ie you can’t use it for what it’s designed to do).

since when has that been a problem for eve?

You can’t jump to a cyno in wormhole space, so there would be no practical difference.

That alone is not a good reason to go out of your way to bar the use of something.
IDC if it’s useful or not, let the players determine that for themselves. EVE is a sandbox, after all.

I’m not making any ruling on if it is good or bad, only speculating CCP’s reasoning.

And to pull my one post out of context breaks the context. That reply was just elaborating due to the OP being overly dense, either by accident or on purpose.

you’re entire point was that they couldn’t be jumped to or had no practical use. I was trying to figure out why that would be a reason to block their use. things should only be restricted if they break the intended balance of an area of space.

yea due to not reading the entire thread I would guess. My entire point in all of these posts is simply trying to speculate CCP’s reasoning. I don’t really care either way and until we can train mind reading we don’t really know.

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