Cynos, an open ended question

Imagine you live in an EVE without cynos.

What would be the arguments to justify their introduction? What limitation should they have? How would they work?

I personally want cynos to be removed from the game completely, but a salient point regarding dread bombs was made. What would you say in this feature proposal?

Why would they be introduced if FTL already exists?

That’s what Im trying to work out.

Re; dread bombing, said to enable smaller groups to attack assets of larger groups. For whatever reason taking gates or WH like everything else is too hard.

We live in an era where factories are harder to kill than dreadnoughts.

This has totally skewed how strategy can be used.

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Does that create a validating point for cynos though?

Well you need to either come up with a way around gates in order to explain how new gates are constructed, or come up with a new system entirely.

Basically, there either has to be a reason why everyone uses gates or explain away how they were built and now they cant be?

Mangled my own sentence there, but do you get me?

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I would first ask for reasons why you want to change the status quo and remove cynos entirely.

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That’s not what he’s asking for. He sets the scenario at an EVE where no cynos exist at all and in which CCP suggested they maybe want to introduce a way for ships to travel instantly to other systems without using gates. :facepalm:

They create an unhealthy “trap based meta” where every argument ends in having either caps, supers or a blob dropped on you.

Solo roaming battleship? “I’ll burn my captor 100km in 5s and point you from 40km and then light cyno before you can even lock me”.

Slower than usual fleet with BC and armor tanks? A credible threat of hitting a bait praxis or other battleship with cyno and carriers on standby

Frig fleet? Attacking a structure? Titan cannoned response fleet on hand. Try attacking a rorqual without getting dropped thanks to the miracle content killing cancer that is cyno.

And it raises the minimum standard of play too, where every problem requires a cyno. Need to defend the rorqual? Jump to cyno. Need to attack rorqual and kill it before response fleet arrives? Titan bridge and/or dreadbomb. Cyno. Covert Ops Cyno.

The more I thought about it the more I see weird esoteric uses surrounding it and its never just straight forwards. Cyno jammers in sov space or a deployable? Cyno at zero, cyno at 100km, cyno on a frigate worth 1 isk. They’re ubiquitous and this has led to familiarity the cyno might not deserve…

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How would you propose Capital ships be able to move around nullsec if Cynos were removed from the game? You’d be able to effectively lock in any and all capitals from ever being able to break through a gate just by leaving a bunch of Dictors with bubbles up constantly crashing the gate back and forth.

If no cynos existed at all, there would very likely also be very different material distributions that make it so that you do not need to own lots of space to sustain yourself. All these things would have to be removed/reduced in the face of upcoming far-range instant travel. The only reason why someone would want to introduce something like cynos is to burn everything down without regard for consequences. Similar to trig chicks and structures and capital rebalance in the current TQ.

Begs the question of these ships exist at all in an EVE that has no cynos yet.

Which is not what the OP is asking about. :slight_smile:

It is exactly what he’s talking about. You keep saying “were removed” when he is talking about “there are no cynos and they are about to get introduced for the very first time”.

You kill the dictor with a smaller vessel the same way everything else has to.

Are you disingenuously asserting that capitals and subcaps play different games? They obey the same rules you know

Blops would be useless, but carrier ratting would be a massive pandemic.

I hope you realize that it takes a fair bit of time for a Carrier or a Dread to lock up a Dictor and kill it before it’s able to turn on its MWD and crash the 10km necessary to jump back through the gate. Given that the standard Sabre can easily hit 1.8km/s you have about ~6-7 seconds to kill it, assuming you’re already locking it the instant that it uncloaks the Gate cloak.

Are you disingenuously asserting that Carriers can reliably kill Sabres in around 5 seconds before they can crash gates?

You could prevent them from being able to be lit on structures and stations. People would probably argue hard for mass limits that could jump through these cynos to prevent the blobbing that people undoubtely see on the horizon, and in fact have already experienced on gates and are now worried about that they would happen via these cynos that you could not avoid or detect easily.

carrier 1v1 wasn’t how they were designed

Well, it’s one of the most common use-case scenarios in practice, design be damned.

and then it can self correct. btw how do you think they are jumping out of bubble?