Remove cyno from capitals

(kosmicheski) #1

Not really much to describe. You all do it. Stand UP fleets of 100+ of supers and Fax-es to safe the ratting carriers or the 10 rorquals mining.
Cyno module should not be allowed for capital class ships. The HP and resists of capital class ships makes that overpowered.
Mobile Cynosural Inhibitor HP has only 170 000 HP and 0 resists.
In the current meta of Dreads and Titans tracking ceptors and hitting up to 100km, that module does not help at all.
If not removed, the use of such a module should be penalized, same as others, where for the same reason the HP of the user makes them overpowered.
For example:
5x penalty to Entosis Link duration
why not
5x penalty to Cynosural Field Generator duration.
Make him stay there 50 minutes.

(Golemag) #2

Yes. But no. CCP ledership will never go against goons. Or they will not get paid next month salaries. EVE is slowly dying because of bunch of money hungry individuals with 0 vision for the future.

(ArabelIa) #3

It can be great change but with CSM ruled by big fat alliances…As Golemag wrote…

(Jorj Peychev) #4

My advice for penalty for cyno module fitted on capitals is to 0 resist/ such as polarizes guns/

(HiddenPorpoise) #5

I am more in favor of capital cynos needing a warm up. If they can’t fit a cyno they will just have a brick T3 waiting cloaked in system and if they are stuck longer that hasn’t changed the fact that 100 supers are there.

(Golemag) #6

You have a chance to kill the T3, you can’t kill the super with the cyno.

(riot Azizora) #7

I’m in support of the 5x penalty that would be an amazing change

(Gleb Koskov) #8

Nerf the standard cyno, give battleships a hard to pass out exclusive cyno module.

(Sepheir Sepheron) #9

T3s with SP loss are still a good kill.

(HiddenPorpoise) #10

Unless this super hunting fleet is all volley nags what are they possibly going to do to a 200-400k ehp cruiser with 30 supers and a fax on grid?

(jar jar Jaynara) #11

What problems in nullsec

(Punky260) #12

Not a totally bad idea. But also not fully thought through tbh.

First: There already is a penalty for using a cyno - it makes it immobile for 10 minutes (!). That is a really big downside. And should not be left aside.

The thing is, that the cyno itself (even on capitals) works perfectly fine. It does what it should and comes with a penalty if used. The problem you have is already being adressed by CCP. They are buffing the countermeasurements against cynos. Those leave the cyno itself intact, but provides gameplay to do something against the problems that occur with the cyno in the current meta.

While as I said, I don’t think the idea is totally off, it’s not the right time yet and should rather be the last method.

(kosmicheski) #13

Cyno’s penalty of 10 minutes immobility is in effect for all ship classes except some recons.
So no it is not enough as not all ship classes are equal.
Same as the enotsis link penalties, but there someone figured out that the HP of the user may be an issue.
Why that is not done for the cyno module is probably oversight.

This request is not the change the cyno module or it’s function. It works perfectly fine.
This is a request to limit or penalize the use of it on capital class ships where the HP of that ship makes the module overpowered.
Same as why do not have cover ops clocking dev on Titans… if you wish.

What is the right time? When the CSM say so?
The same CSM that gets elected by the few big alliances and the same CSM that decides when and where we will have a big conflict in the game …

(Salt Foambreaker) #14

To me this is the key point. As long as we have cap/super bloat all the rest is symptoms of that evil.

The day they ship creeped capitals without any new area or purpose they really screwed the pooch.

(Zimmer Jones) #15

If someone is using a Super to rat they are furiously clicking and they have isk. Enough isk to have a brick tanked whatever sitting next to them and soaking up reps from the super while sporting a cyno, and you have your original “problem.” all over again.

Why not say what you mean: You want to waltz in to a very heavily defended high concentration of rich bored nerds, destroy one of the largest classes of ships in the game, and moonwalk out.

(Golemag) #16

No, you can’t CCP won’t get paid if this was like this. I gave up on EVE already. It became crap… BOT Online. Like once WoW Died. RIP Eve. 80% of online people right now are BOTS.

(Scipio Artelius) #17

Sit brick tanked prophecy cloaked on grid.

Enemy fleet warps in on ratting Capitals/rorquals, decloak, light cyno.

Same result as now.

Large Alliances have plenty of alts available to provide a work around that makes the change pointless.

(Golemag) #18

You are one small troll are you.

P.S. What happens right now is, shitty super opens cyno and sits there for 7 minutes until fleet is formed. GOOD LUCK sitting with this shitty whatever tanked prophecy 7 minutes waiting for the fleet to form so they can save you. WHATEVER troll, go somewhere else.

(Zimmer Jones) #19

You’ve just admitted to losing/winning eve, so any post you make is just bitter, bitter salt at being so bad.

No matter what you do to spite one group of players, they always mangae to come out on top by using the game rules better than others. Try developing new gameplay.

There is no need to go anywhere, as you pointed out you’ve already left. Your input is noise.

(Scipio Artelius) #20

Don’t be a fuckwit. Maybe too late I guess.

No, not trolling. â– â– â– â–  off.

Large Alliances have standing response fleets. Go stick an alt in Goons and you’ll learn this for yourself. They don’t need to wait for fleets to form because they’re already formed and any adjustment they need to make, they’ll make.

Since you wanted to be such a dick and show your own lack of knowledge of how they work, go learn something before calling someone else’s post a troll.

Even in a situation caught with their pants down, you don’t need to decloak the cyno until your ready. Still exactly the same result as now. Only an idiot would decloak and just have the cyno shot before support was available. Might explain why you couldn’t think beyond that approach though.