Remove cyno from capitals

(Mala Zvitorepka) #21

Eh, while it would be easy to have another alt to offer that cyno with the proposed change, it would require another alt for safe carebearing - so it is still way more pain than now, when your other omega alt could also rat with carrier in another system.
(yes, I know it is easy enough to have alpha alt logged on, but it is against TOS, so you can get banned at least)

I believe it would work better with delay to opening cyno. Say a blops cyno requires 5s, a subcap might need 30s to open cyno, while capital needs 5 minutes. It would make saving capitals pretty difficult - try opening on a subcap and it might die in those 30s (or at least before the help can save it) against the covops fleet, while waiting 5 minutes for it to open on carrier is also a huge pain.

(Gosti Kahanid) #22

I always had the opinion that there should be different kind of cynos. Like a standart Cyno that has spoolup and can be canceled by something like a warp scrambler, cyno inhibitor or focused bubble, but be used by any ship, while a combat cyno would work like current ones, but only be available on certain ships (was thinking on racoons or other T2 ships). Like this you can stil use your Ibis for Transporter Jumps, but have to wait, I don’t know, two to three Minutes?

(kosmicheski) #23

Since the “Brick” tanked prophecy does not have 3 mil ehp but 200k ehp with the resists. This definitely is not the same!
And yes I see no issue why ccp should not remove the cyno for capitals. See we got so many people already found the alternative play.
An alt to stay on field and Guard the craber/ miners yes, why not? One more omega, possibly some injectors to get up to skills needed, why not.

This is good, he may sit cloaked and wait for the cyno inhib to go online.
He may need to sit clocked 200+km off the miners/ craberr. Good show he actually took some effort to plan this.
How ever 3 mil ehp target, that immediately opens cyno when tackled. You may not be ready to respond with the 100+ but deff you can jump 1-2 faxes that are also allowed to rep that same Cyno with 3 mil ehp…
So Good luck of making any play against it.
So if you cannot make any play, you just give up? …because that how thinks are done. …
Rorqs and Crabing Capitals are blown constantly even today. So people already challenge the “impossible”.
The question here is: Should we accept the current state as it so obviously broken?
The idea about game balancing changes is to identify such cases.

(gonoree) #24

I would like for normal cyno gen to have a warm up cycle timer and not just be instantly , in this situation I’d be ok with it on capital ships. How long of a warm up cycle ? I do not know what the appropiate timer would be… I can only take a guess here, I suppose is up to the community and CCP to decide that.
As for the covert cyno , it’s fine just as it is now.