Remove cyno from capitals

(Mala Zvitorepka) #21

Eh, while it would be easy to have another alt to offer that cyno with the proposed change, it would require another alt for safe carebearing - so it is still way more pain than now, when your other omega alt could also rat with carrier in another system.
(yes, I know it is easy enough to have alpha alt logged on, but it is against TOS, so you can get banned at least)

I believe it would work better with delay to opening cyno. Say a blops cyno requires 5s, a subcap might need 30s to open cyno, while capital needs 5 minutes. It would make saving capitals pretty difficult - try opening on a subcap and it might die in those 30s (or at least before the help can save it) against the covops fleet, while waiting 5 minutes for it to open on carrier is also a huge pain.

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(Gosti Kahanid) #22

I always had the opinion that there should be different kind of cynos. Like a standart Cyno that has spoolup and can be canceled by something like a warp scrambler, cyno inhibitor or focused bubble, but be used by any ship, while a combat cyno would work like current ones, but only be available on certain ships (was thinking on racoons or other T2 ships). Like this you can stil use your Ibis for Transporter Jumps, but have to wait, I don’t know, two to three Minutes?

(kosmicheski) #23

Since the “Brick” tanked prophecy does not have 3 mil ehp but 200k ehp with the resists. This definitely is not the same!
And yes I see no issue why ccp should not remove the cyno for capitals. See we got so many people already found the alternative play.
An alt to stay on field and Guard the craber/ miners yes, why not? One more omega, possibly some injectors to get up to skills needed, why not.

This is good, he may sit cloaked and wait for the cyno inhib to go online.
He may need to sit clocked 200+km off the miners/ craberr. Good show he actually took some effort to plan this.
How ever 3 mil ehp target, that immediately opens cyno when tackled. You may not be ready to respond with the 100+ but deff you can jump 1-2 faxes that are also allowed to rep that same Cyno with 3 mil ehp…
So Good luck of making any play against it.
So if you cannot make any play, you just give up? …because that how thinks are done. …
Rorqs and Crabing Capitals are blown constantly even today. So people already challenge the “impossible”.
The question here is: Should we accept the current state as it so obviously broken?
The idea about game balancing changes is to identify such cases.

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(gonoree) #24

I would like for normal cyno gen to have a warm up cycle timer and not just be instantly , in this situation I’d be ok with it on capital ships. How long of a warm up cycle ? I do not know what the appropiate timer would be… I can only take a guess here, I suppose is up to the community and CCP to decide that.
As for the covert cyno , it’s fine just as it is now.

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(kosmicheski) #25

All changes to the cyno module and how it works are going to affect every other play, ship class in the game.
The issues is only with Capitals. Capital class has too much HP, that makes it OP.

CCP continues to ignore this issue.
CCP I know you like pointless stats. Give us a stat of how many Capitals in the game have cyno fitted?!

(Shade Dealer) #26

99.99% for sure only ones not are Björn Bee doing on of his videos of solo dreadnaught or similar as HD expects to die.

(Salt Foambreaker) #27

Seems like a pointless way for the devs to piss off their customers.

I mean all this would do is force the pilot to have a cyno alt in a frigate nearby.

A fix that just makes the game PITA is not a fix.

(kosmicheski) #28

This is what cyno on capital looks like

This is what the game has become. 30+ vs 1

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(kosmicheski) #29

The players that already have 100+ support fleet. Will be pissed that they have to move the cyno .?!??
Players will be pissed for change that give em something to do instead of spin ships waiting for someone to get tackled :slight_smile:

The point is you can make a play to counter the cyno frigate. But you can not make a play to counter the cyno capital before the help arrives.

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(Max Deveron) #30

hmph whats the point??

Im sure a group like Goons could place several strategic Player Jump Gates to cover most of their home territory…no need for Cyno…Jump/Bridge fleet to system, warp fleet on Target that needs assistance.

(Nikodiemus) #31

I like this idea. Make only force recons and cov ops able to cyno, and make supers use a seperate type of heavy cyno. Heavy cyno has a long charge time, and the regular cyno has like a 2 minute charge. So now sub caps have to protect the cyno, capitals have to protect a heavy cyno, and now all the ships have a use on field instead of just “lul cap umbrella”
I can wish.

(Salt Foambreaker) #32

That is pretty well false unless the frigate pilot is a fool.

He comes out of cloak and pops the cyno and by the time you even get to him ships are coming through.

(Bronson Hughes) #33

Short answer: no.

Long answer: the whole point of owning space is to be able to be able to exploit it for yourself and to be able to keep others from exploiting it as well. Large player organizations being able to drop defensive supercaps and FAXs on their own mining fleets is a sign that they actually own their space, not something that needs to be nerfed. That video you linked above (aside from the streamer being lazy and inattentive) is exactly how such an engagement in well-controlled space should unfold.

Having said that, I could possibly see some balance tweaks to cynos between capitals and subcaps (maybe increase their fuel costs on capital ships?), but removing them from capitals entirely would largely defeat one of the principle benefits of owning space.

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(Salt Foambreaker) #34

Wait, you mean it is not about “me”??

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(Dior Ambraelle) #35

I’m not a cyno user, so my opinion is based on reading this thread only, but I got 2 ideas that might help somewhat:

  • make Jump Drive Operation V a requirement of Cynosural Field Theory, so it takes much longer to set up a cyno alt (over 3 months instead of the current approximately 2 weeks - skill injectors, I know, but it’s still a much more significant investment)
  • make active cyno disallow remote assistance like the bastion and siege modules, so the cyno ship actually needs to tank the incoming damage until the help arrives and the attacker runs away or gets destroyed
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(Salt Foambreaker) #36

It would have the reverse effect of what is being asked.

(kosmicheski) #37

I am not sure I agree with the skill requirement. I do not see why having more cyno ships/alts will be a problem.

The penalty of no reps for active cyno is OK.

Problem: Too much HP
With entosys they have penalties: no reps and if capital 5x the cycle time. For Cyno should be same or similar or not possible to fit.

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(Galmalmin) #38

You, Max Deveron, did not use one or more brain cells prior to creating that post.
Of course, all the previous Jump Bridges were replaced with the Upwell Stargates. CCP forced that issue.
Stargates are NOT able to bring a rescue fleet right to your side for defense. Issues such as drag bubbles and many others prevent it.

Please, engage your brain prior to posting. It makes your contemporaries look idiotic otherwise.


Dear CCP,

I cannot pvp to save my life, can you please make killing capitals really easy so i can get some, ‘gud’, capital kills on zKillboard.

It is just me and five of my friends but i feel that I should be able to destroy capitals even in Goonswarm held SOV with me putting in near zero effort while the Goonswarm would have to put cyno alts near any ship they actually want to save across their entire SOV held space.

I realize that asking you to force large alliances to put in 100 times as much effort to protect their capitals as Im willing to put in killing them may at first sound unfair to said alliances but remember you made killing miners in highsec space stupid easy and that set up a sense of ‘entitlement to easy-mode kills’, in me and my friends and I so in the end YOU ccp are to blame for this ridiculous request.


I cannot pvp at all unless you make it stupid easy for me.

p.s. CCP can you please hurry and implement this idea because we already have our six drakes all fitted up waiting to kill capitals.

p.s.s CCP i just realized that our six-man drake fleet probably wont be able to kill any capital ships so could you perhaps also cut their EHP to like 20,000 so we can kill them. Thanks CCP you’re the greatest!

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(kosmicheski) #40

Dear CCP I want to pvp in my capital! Please nerf those subs, they are too fast i can’t catch em!
Dear CCP please remove NPC stations, so those that cannot pvp, stop killing my capitals!
Dear CCP please increase the warp speed, scan resolution and tracking so I can effectively use my titan to fight small sub capital gangs.
Dear CCP please make the cyno auto activate, when I am tackled
Oh! and remove clocking.