Remove capitals/supers ewar resistance

As you all know capitals and supers became cancer of eve, as if you do dread/carrier/fax/super spam it can effectively counter any subcaps doctrine without any subcapital support.
Moreover if you can somehow counter subcap blob using ewar like tracking disruptors, dampeners or ecm, on capitals it doesn’t work at all, thanks to ewar resistance.
So proposal is - remove capitals/supers ewar resistance and give player options to counter capital spam with tracking disruptors, damps and ecm.
That will force players to bring subcapital support fleet to get rid of ewar instead of just jumping haw dreads or spam fax.

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The larger the ship, the greater the power of the sensors. The electronic war of a small computer with a large, small antenna with a hundred large will not produce results.


I thought they were only resistant, and not immune?



People should know the topic they are posting about.

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