Public cynos

make cynos usable for everyone in its range, regardless of fleet or standing


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That sounds consistent, logical, and makes perfect sense so far as all this imaginary stuff can be consistent, logical and make perfect sense.

But, welcome to EVE, where consistent, logical, and making perfect sense is something that seems to be quite random. What you have to do is just memorize the way EVE works. Logic will get you killed here.

A cyno is a beacon. The beacon requires a signal to lock on to. The fleetmate lighting the cyno beacon relays the necessary information needed to lock onto the signal (eg. coordinates, frequency, etc) to fleetmates and only fleetmates. This information is not accessible to third parties because it is not relayed to them. Even if it were intercepted, it could not be deciphered. Think of all the fleet chats going on right now you don’t have access to. Why not? Secure communications. Yes, there are beacons being lit left and right of you, and the reason you can’t jump to them is the same reason why you can’t identify anomalies or acquire bookmarks to signatures first-hand in systems other than the ones you are currently in (and have not visited) - your equipment isn’t sensitive enough to acquire that information outside of those systems unless it was given to you by someone else (ie. fleetmate). Of course, in the case of cynos, simply knowing where to jump isn’t enough - even if you knew the exact coordinates of a cyno beacon, you would not be able to jump to the cyno without both the cyno being in place (for technological reasons) and establishing synchronization with the cyno, which requires authentication and authorization, which requires fleeting.

I don’t think the mechanics are unrealistic or unreasonable.

For all you have said about what cynos are and how they behave, do you have a link to a source? Or is these your ideas of what they are or should be considered as?

Why? Just “cause?”

I don’t know that CCP has gone into that great of detail, but what @Archer_en_Tilavine states makes logical sense considering how the mechanics of cyno’s work as well as the idea that fleet communications would likely be secured from the public.

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Saying cynos are beacons period goes against my image of them as man-made wormholes (signatures), which I have for three reasons 1) they are called cynosaural FIELDS rather than cyno BEACONS, and 2) they sure look like wormholes, and 3) its not like a structure at all.

Now cynos are not something I know much about, but they can be seen by the eye of anyone in the departing system if they are not covert yes? To say you need a code and synchonization to navigate something you can see with your own eyes sounds a bit dodgy and contrived.

Below, this guy refers to it both as a beacon and a tunnel. (shrug)

But the best part is his relaying of the history of cynos, which only shows that they have changed once and can surely change again. That said, it sounds likes the OP is suggesting bringing back some old mechanics, and those were deemed a problem and thus the change.

That is obvious.

You cannot see it from the originating system though can you? No, you have to lock on to the cyno beacon the ship at the destination is broadcasting. That ship by the way is broadcasting that signal privately to the fleet it’s in.

You must be a mind reader. Given the minimal effort the OP made, barely posting a complete sentence I really have no idea what his intentions are with his proposal.

There are two modules are play here responsible for creating these wormholes: Cynosural Field Generators and Jump Portal Generators. Most players use the word “cyno” as a slang verb for the moving ships from Blops/Titans to the cynosural field; however, speaking technically properly here, the cynosural fields themselves are not the portals, but rather Blops and Titans are actually the ones responsible for the actual portal generation - they are the ones that CREATE the portal TO the cynosural field, but the cynosural field itself is not a portal. If you pull up an ordinary English dictionary, you’ll find that the word “cynosure” means “something serving for guidance or direction”, thereby justifying this explanation (and the fact that there is a second module call a “Portal Generator” that implies one generates a portal while the other does not). Cynosural fields provide guidance information to the ships responsible for creating the portal that sends ships to the Cyno.

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Going by your latest post, the OP seems to now make not much sense. What did he mean by “make cyno’s usable for everyone” and “within range”?

But thanks. I just learned a lot of things I did not realize about cynos and am still chewing it over. But my odds calculator indicates you most likely have the right of this…thinking in progress…

The only logical interpretation I can conceive of (off the top of my head, anyway) that is compatible with the mechanics of cynos is “if there is a cyno, I should be able to portal to it regardless of who lit it and whether or not I am in fleet with them, provided I am in range of the cyno per existing range requirements”

So if Goons lit a portal, then the entirety of PAPI’s forces could basically show up inadvertently (assuming this was not intentionally done, of course).

FTFY - after all, based on the ‘Spicy’ comment in the OP’s post, that’s what they want.

Could there be value in choosing to establish a public cyno field? Maybe. Would it utterly destroy current combat mechanics to force all cynos to be public? Absolutely.

OP is trolling.

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Thanks for fixing that for me. Now go fix me a sandwich, you damn hoochie.

(Inside jokes are awesome :grin:)

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According to the video I posted it is possible to jump to the wrong cyno, as in an enemy cyno? So this is already a thing?

No as in someone else in your fleet’s cyno. It has never been possible to jump to a cyno with someone who is not in fleet with you.

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Fleetmates can light multiple cynos, and you need to choose which to portal to, hence the wrong one can be selected. It is not possible to portal to a cyno of a non-fleetmate. Same is true for use of jump drives. (Jump drives permit ships to jump to cynos without use of a portal.)