Public cyno beacons block?

Hello, so situation

You are undocking in your Jump freighter form Jita undock, and you light your industrial cyno to jump out.
Now on your Jump to List there will appear your fleet cyno and right under that option, if ther is one up ( a public one) a cyno beacon and sometimes more , in 0.0 will appear (ofc Bait cyno beacons)

so is there any possibillity for me to block them or remove them from my list? because always when i click my fleet cyno im so nervous by clicking to fast a button or fat fingering it i would end up in 0.0 and die in my precious JF

any sollution for that exept putting my glasses on and getting my stable finger together? or is there any option to block them or remove them form my list? maybe ccp needs to work on that option since that cant be much of a problem since u can also block other players why cant u remove something that is obviously not friendly to you…


Alternative option.

Pay attention.

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Im not shure, didnt you read the whole text or you are you just trying to collect points with commented posts , but yep, that one i mentioned…

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You know your own answer.

Ignore Sccots, he’s just miserable.

There is no way to ignore Public Cyno beacons because CCP wants you to die on them when you use your ship. The best way to prevent that from happening until CCP gets their senses together is to have your cynos in the watch list, right click them there and click “Jump to”.

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CCP knows their PvP design is so poor that few people will willingly engage, thus they’ve placed many traps in the game where poor UI design and awkward mechanics make it more likely a player will enter PvP unwillingly.

Until CCP hires someone who understands the difference between coding PvP you actually want to participate in vs. setting up traps for unwary players who are trying not to engage, you’ll likely have to live with this.


I form a fleet and use the context menu of the fleet member I am jumping to. I can also do this from the corporation chat window, or a private chat window, if I like. You have quite a bit of time after undocking where you are invulnerable, which I find is plenty to either dock again or select the proper person and menu options for a jump. Would that solve your problem?

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Well yes it would, see after all this years still something to learn what u actually already should have known from fleets :joy:

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