How to remove public cynos

As the topic suggests. How do I get rid of public cynos appearing in my jump menu BESIDES shooting them and destroying it or asking the owner to remove me or the public from the list?

It feels dangerous to accidentally jump to the wrong system by accident with totally not friendly people while have a 15 minute jump timer.

I didnt even know there were such things?

Where can I find one to put a smartbomb Redeemer through?


Good luck destroying ships that have jump drives with smart bombs. Aside from that, the said public cyno is in this devblog:

Wont it destroy the cyno ship?

EDIT Just looked, oh its some null sov thing, never mind.

What did CCP intend for them? All the ones I saw were bubbled.

Shame that explosions don’t have AOE damage. Imagine the lols.


that you lose your ships on accident rather than after an informed decision.

The only way around that is to add your own cynos to the watch list. Right click the char you want to jump to in the watchlist and then click “Jump To”.


I’m pretty okay with virtually anything that makes a capital ship explode.

Just be careful and you’ll be fine. :woman_shrugging:

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Well I learned something new today. Gonna do jumps via watchlist from now on.

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