A real fix for Cynos and Jumping

Alright, CCP have posted an absolutely brain-dead attempt at a fix for Cynos and Jumping in Eve, so rather than tell them how bad it is, I figured I would show something better.

Here’s a fix for Cynos:

  • Jump fatigue goes away
  • Jump Drives have unlimited range
  • Cynos are allowed on all ships
  • The size class of the ship adds a modifer roughly in line with the Entosis modifier
  • Jumping to a cyno takes an amount of time based on Light Years from where you are jumping
  • Time scaling for jumps is log(LY ^ 1.2) * modifier or so (Number will require finesing, but this should put us in the right ballpark
  • Fuel is consumed from the ship you are jumping to (unified jump fuel)
  • The amount of fuel consumed is based on a formula similar to the time scaling formula.
  • Fuel consumed is based on the ship making the jump, so the size of the ship that is jumping, or being bridged.
  • If a cyno is destroyed, or runs out of fuel, and another in system is available, fail over to that one.
  • Cynos disable weapons, offensive modules, and drones while active.

Do these things and short jumps take little time, meaning you can defend close territory.
Long jumps take forever and consume huge fuel, but are available
Counterplay for breaking cynos exists even if you have them on large ships, as they can tank, but they have to drop from the fight to do so.


And if a cyno is destroyed or runs out of fuel while the jumping/bridging ship is still mid-jump, it lands at the next available star near its path of travel? That could be a content creator for sure.


The intent was mostly that if it failed mid-jump and no ‘normally’ available cynos are available it would simply fail to jump. The entire set of failovers is mostly meant to keep the logistics of who jumps where from becoming absolute hell.


Got a link, not sure how I missed that.

How about we keep all the crying and bad idea bargaining in the original thread?


Bad idea bargaining? Nobody here is crying, I have problems with a design that is lazy.


Thanks, but no, I like their ideas better.


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You’re welcome to like what you like, I also don’t like their ideas, works wonderfully.

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I’d like to point out the often-overlooked fact that jump drives are not simply used to drop ship into combat. They are also used to move jump freighters (which would be rendered all but useless with such changes since they’d be sitting ducks for jumps of any length) and also to exit combat, which your post entirely neglects. (i.e. what happens to a ship while its waiting to jump, and can that jump be interrupted?)


Come back when you think about all jump drive usage, not just the ones you want to nerf.

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Another thing to hurt casual players.

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Actually as a JF pilot this drastically simplifies your logistics chain, similarly for most rorquals as they’re usually not ranging out over vast distances, but operating in a relatively smaller, well-known area.

Yes, exiting combat a long way away would be hard, if you want a quick escape, you’ll need to jump locally, which means if you escape quick, then people know they might be able to pick you up and keep the fight going, an excellent way to have players engaged with each other and make jump drive usage fair, but risky.

As far as waiting and interruption, point during the jump prevents interruption, otherwise the ship simply sits in space, stick a shiny effect of it for good measure.


I’d love to hear how this hurts casual players; please do share the angle I’ve missed in this regard.

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So when do we get the skill points back for all the cyno chars we have created over the years and dont want to waste training into force recons and covert ops

I think you’re in the wrong thread, friend.

You still have them.

Its not wasted training time if it allows you to jump like you did previously.

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