Changes to Jump freighter strategy

Hi there, not new to EVE bu coming back after a long time away. I’m having a hard time getting specifics on new jump freighter cyno mechanics. I heard you could use Covert op ships for cynos, now I think they didn’t do that.

I looks like you now can only jump to a ship with an industrial Cyno generator. They only fit on a BR, standard industrial ship, or a Deep space transport.

So essentially we went from the cost of a cyno generator and fuel, to the cost of an industrial, + the cost of a T1 hauler (if you can get it to where you need it stripped down, and that’s a big if)

Am I missing something? Seems like jump freighter are all but useless unless you have a who gang escort.

Is there some tactic I’m missing here?

Any advise would be helpful before I decide to sell my JF. I just don’t see how you can get a t1 freighter into low and null sec with any consistency.

Sure I could use my blockade runner but that’s an expensive ship to be a sitting duck for 10 minutes.

Then you haven’t given it even a moment’s thought because it’s really not that difficult.

You just fly it there, that’s all. There really aren’t that many system that are so commonly camped as to make this overly problematic, and if you stop to think about it for even just a minute, they’re pretty avoidable.

Slap a cloak and an MWD on a nereus and go. Stock a few extras on your first jump in but so far nobody has bothered to blap my industrial cyno ships.


And then repeat again and again and again what Haulie Berry suggested because CCP is too dumb to fix a thing without breaking everything else. Changing the cyno for JF was absolutely unnecessary and turned this entire logistics business into an utter frustration.

Haulie also thinks that a lot of systems are avoidable, but forgets to mention that people have to go to places and there are only a limited number of systems which reach these places. Haulie at her best.

What you can do, however, in order to make your life a little bit easier is to train your cynos into T2 haulers. They can travel a little bit easier around without having to rely on the Cloak-MWD-Trick. You can bring minerals and BPC to locations where you want to cyno and hope that the location has a Factory service. Build the/some T1 haulers (do not bother with a fitting) and rinse and repeat in other locations.


Use a cheap T1 hauler. Light industrial cyno off of a insta-dock bookmark from station. Jump.

Thats all you need to do.

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Somehow I, along with every JF service in my coalition, have managed to work around this problem that is seemingly intractable to Eve’s helpless numpties.


And somehow that is completely irrelevant to the point. The change was not necessary, it improves nothing, it only makes everything worse. That you managed to work around it is completely besides the point.

This, for instance, is completely ignoring the point that not everyone does logistics for an alliance with preset stashes. Some people also travel around to do their work. A single bubble camp in null sec on the way to your mid or pickup can ruin hours of effort. And for what reason? Just because CCP is too dumb to fix cynos properly.

On the contrary, it has clearly raised the difficulty bar for JFing beyond the abilities of some of the more incapable JF pilots who can’t function at all without the giv cyno ship plz button. This kind of stratification is actually beneficial to the people who can adapt to the new environment.

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Of course it has. That’s why I hear so many positive voices from my people who do logistics. Wait, no, I don’t. All I hear is that it costs more time, costs more effort and rewards less.

Well thanks for clearing it up, but a standard freighter + indy cyno + a couple stabs and MWD still costs 4 to 5 million and I’m guessing you lose it just about every jump. I don’t even see how you can make money. The thing that made it profitable was the giv cyno ship plz button. Also you could fly your covert ops ship in past the gate camps swap out the ship to a cheaper *come dstry my Cyno ship plz" hull.

Seems to me all they did is make it more expensive and harder to do. Heck If I could my Blockade runner would hold a packaged t1 industrial it would just b a marginal cost bump. Or if they would have let the JFs jump to a covert ops hull. Less chance of losing that.

I mean the bread and butter of what I used to hall is now a ISK sink. As a solo operator it’s just not worth the time. It’s too bad, I used to love doing it.

Well I would agree with @Haulie_Berry that is isn’t an insurmountable problem.
I would agree with everyone else it was a stupid change.

Personally I was excited for the original covert option. IMO it would have had a potential for adding content.

Yeah I thought of that but wow, what a logistical hassle. Have to sing ISK into a T1 hauler BP and maybe an industrial cyno BP and ingredients. Even then you are talking about close to a million and a half per jump.

I’ll have to think about this more. Thanks for the insight.

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Yeah when I got back I was trying to figure out what was up sinve my cyno module would fit a frigate. I got my cyno alt all decked out in a new ship bu then I read they changed their mind. I was reading old news … too late :slight_smile:

The thing that made it profitable was the giv cyno ship plz button.

The risk went from a cyno gen, to a t1 hauler + cyno gen.

You’re telling me that the value of a t1 hauler per jump represents all of your JFing margin?

Why the hell were you running one in the first place?

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It really is as simple as Haulie says…been doing since the change. On my route I’ve lost one 500,000 isk empty Nereus about every 15 jumps and loot drop probably had something to do with recent experience.

You get 1000 “hearts” and THAT is something I wish CCP would fix.

well, I guess you are better then me because I tend to lose ships a lot more regularly. But also I would slip in with a cover ops ship and swap out to a corvette, getting around was much easier.

But you’re right, I think I’m better off just selling the ship.

well there’s my problem, I tend to pay retail :slight_smile:

Once you get all your Transports setup for the jump you could have just put the cargo in their holds and been done with it.

And those of us that were smart, had already pre-seeded the region with our own haulers and cynos.

How is this any different from the previous mechanic where a single bubble camp in nullsec could ruin hours of effort of moving ships with fuel and cyno modules around?

So spending a mere 2 million isk per trip, made you money, but 4-5 million per trip and suddenly youre in the red? What sort of razor-thin margins are you working with? Maybe you should charge that extra 5 million isk to offset that huge, huge, backbreaking, intensively, mindblowingly high cost difference.