Changes to Jump freighter strategy

Because irritating people like you exist.

What region are you talking about? I do things in Curse, Derelik, Khanid, Aridia, Fountain, Placid, Pure Blind, Outer Ring, Venal, Stain, Tash-Murkon. Domain and many other places. In different stations all the time. Yes, I am going to seed all of them… :face_vomiting:

A single bubble was not able to do that.

So whats the complaint about.

If you were in a non-cloaky, non-interdicted ship, yes, a single bubble would do that.

Learn to read irony.

You were not.

I dont think you understand what that word means, and how it is used.

Yes, I was not. So are a lot of other people. Hence my point.

To try to be a bit more helpful…

I do not know the economics of your situation, so my comments must be interpreted in light of that.

My JF route is from JITA area and 4 jumps (35k light years) into null. Since the cyno changes, I’ve made about 20 round trips and lost about 8 Nereus’s. Each Nereus only ever has a single industrial cyno and ozone on-board. The first set, I bought at around 1M isk and others I built at-cost.

Of those I’ve lost, some were in low and some in null.

I am using a fixed route and I had no problems manually flying in the first set and even going out to get a few replacements before I dropped off a couple at each location on my next JF run.

I use the MWD method to get them into low, and add the “watch intel” method when first moving them into null. My economics are such that if I lost a cyno + ship on every trip, I’d still be doing okay. I realize that might not be the case for everyone. Over the lifespan of my JF (haven’t lost one yet), I expect it to pay for itself in the costs saved by not needing to hire it out to a hauling service. Since you’ve already made the substantial investment in a JF, I think you’ll be able to sort out the economics and methods in a way that will work for you.

Even with a large network of stations/structures to service, I assert it is possible to set it up in a sustainable way. I do not assert that it is necessarily easy, nor that a new JF pilot ought to have considered all the things one might need to do to establish a viable JF business.

The usual crowd of naysayers are here to say “Hey, this isn’t a problem, because I had all my stuff in place before it happened, and I set things up properly when the announcement was made, and I have a big enough alliance with enough contacts that ways of getting around this were put in place right away”.

Without considering that of course, every single new or just-trained-to-JF player may not have the same opportunity to get ahead of the system before it’s even in place.

Personally I can’t evaluate how big an issue it is because I don’t JF. That doesn’t stop me from recognizing a pretty clear “the rich get richer and the poor get poorer” change on CCP’s part. And of course, those who competitively benefit from such a change are quick to chime in and say “It’s not a problem! Well, not for me, anyway.”

Good game design for a business like EVE would be to end up with a situation which could be summarized as “relatively easy to play, much harder to master”. CCP even said as much in one of their recent statements.

Unfortunately, for years now it seems the only changes CCP can make is “Benefits for the already wealthy, and barriers for those who aren’t already on top”.


While it may be true that “the rich get richer” this is not synonymous with “I can’t have fun and earn acceptable isk as a soloist…in any Eve pursuit.” It’s just not. I spent a full four years slowly and organically building my high-sec industry stuff so that I could eventually afford a JF, nicer BPOs, and so on. Because I could not afford to lose that time, and did not have the ability to defend a Raitaru, a lot of that time was spent in a longer and slower NPC station. There are probably many people who took the higher risk/higher reward path and won, and others who lost.

It is possible to create a rewarding and profitable experience for oneself, even as a soloist. It takes time and it takes effort. I spent calendar years waiting for expensive BPOs to fully research and now my profit pleases me. Will I put Perimeter out of business? No. Did uncountable number of industrialists, big and small, get a headstart on me? You bet.

Am I loving most minutes of Eve game time?

You bet…almost as much as I love a good mac and cheese.


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It’s done one painful system at a time…get a starter industrial ship + cyno + ozone…then jump in the next set. Perhaps a lot of 1.2M isk ships will be lost in the seeding, but this is no different than learning PvP.

One needs to learn all the necessary basic and advanced skills. The MWD is one which applies here, as is the “use a throw-away scout to find the next bubble”, as is “it takes time to get profitable even if one knows exactly how to do it.”

This isn’t “naysaying” nor being cute. It’s real.

Whether or not the effort is worth it is only something the OP can decide.

True enough. A comment about “the rich get richer” isn’t the same thing as saying “it’s impossible for anyone not already rich”. It’s just that EVE already has a ton of mechanics that greatly favor the established player over newer players, in virtually every field of game play. So adding to the list, while not completely excluding newer players from eventually being able to participate/compete, doesn’t really help the game any.

Agreed, and no, that’s not naysaying (your whole reply, I mean). CCP has said repeatedly over the years that they need to stimulate new player growth… yet they mostly fiddle with mechanics that favor the end game. They really need to learn that saying the words is kind of pointless if you aren’t going to match it with action.

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