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The September release brings changes to cynosural fields generators - reducing the number of hulls they can be fitted to in order to make hotdropping a more tactical choice.

Similarly, this release sees the introduction of the new Industrial Cynosural Field Generator that can be fitted by Industrials, Blockade Runners and Deep Space Transports. New industrial cynosural fields can be used by jump freighters, so as to reduce the impact of the cynosural field changes on logistical supply runs to more remote and dangerous areas of space.

Brand new wormhole graphics and audio also come with this release, with clearer visual representation of a wormhole’s remaining lifespan and mass handling capacity. Check out this devblog for more details.

This release also sees the introduction of a whole host of visual and gameplay fixes and changes, including restriction on the Venture to prevent it from capturing lowsec faction warfare complexes, and a substantial number of UI and UX improvements.


This is going to be amazing. :smiley:


This should be good.

My only concern is the 3 minute bump timer is still too long. It means the pirates do not have to be undocked before a gank. 30 seconds would have been a lot better.

The cyno changes will lead to more conflict and destruction in null as you don’t have to worry about anything lighting a cyno. This will cut down the protection of the supers and capitals, meaning more active defense of peoples territory or they while whine more, again and run away.

Can we get a major mission expansion for those who love them but have been ignored for years? now that you are not just based on making null happy.


These cyno changes will lead to even more stagnation because;

  1. Alliances will be less inclined to move capital fleets around or commit if they can’t reasonably get their capital fleets on grid.
  2. Logistics which allows for content to happen by supplying and setting up forward stagings for alliances is now even more tedious and time consuming than before.

All this will lead to is alliances staying in their home regions even more than what we had before this patch. You could have avoided all of this by reading and replying to all of the replies in the forum thread for when you proposed these changes, but no, you had to listen to reddit and change the already stupid proposal to something even worse than what you initially proposed.


Capital escalation is late game content and should be difficult.
Sub capitals ship are needed for capital battles.


Even reddit suggested better changes than what CCP insisted on implementing. But that’s what you get when you have empty faces like Hilmar’s or Falcon’s (see the picture on twitter from the summit for reference) sitting on desks looking at empty screens.


Loving the Emerging Conduits so far!

After over a decade of listening to Null and reddit, it is about time CCP ignored them for the benefit of the whole game not just those in null.


Of course. That’s why EVE is doing so great at the moment. PCU is down, destruction is down, ratting is down, production is down, trading is down, even Hilmar and Falcon are looking down. :joy:


Except of course for the over 10,000 accounts banned in the last 2 months for botting and RMT, that would have been logged in almost all the time.

Null players always forget to mention that. Does it not fit your narrative?


Why should it not fit into my narrative? That only explains a portion of the PCU down. Or does it? After all, bots were always so impossible to catch by hunters, which means them disappearing has no impact on Destruction down. Right?
Also, Bots “only” accounted for around 400B of daily ISK influx at most, according to the Security Report for August. The overall daily ISK influx fluctuated anywhere from 1.8 to 2.8T ISK, according to the MER. That means that Bots only accounted for at most 40% of the influx in high times. The influx, however, dropped by around 80%. That is obviously all bots.

That narrative argument goes both ways.


no one cares about PCU , we are all Alphas anyway :smiley:


Im not arguing that the new risk level in null has made some people move or spit the dummy.

I was talking about the numbers online. They are down, they are down, less than the number of bots the game is. Hardly seems like EvE is dying, just the bots and the entitled whiners are going. Which actually makes it easier to rebalance Null for a long future.


Certainly. More instanced PVE like abyssal space is probably on the table, considering that it is a very high-up spot on the list of popular meme community request from the past 10 years.

What was wrong with Barghest?
You removed the whole class from the game by reducing the range of missiles.
Today I don’t need the skills for missiles at all, who will return me 3-4 months of training and game time?
This UPDATE perfect reason for stop play EVE-ONLINE
EVE RIP, “Thank you” CCP


If you want CCP to listen to concerns of high-sec players more, then vote for one of CSM high-sec candidates. But you won’t find many high-sec CSM candidates because most high-sec players don’t even vote, on paper majority of players might live there, but most of them are dead weight who aren’t socializing or otherwise contributing to the game’s health and usually quit the game after they get bored of endless missioning and mining grind, thinking that’s the only thing EVE has to offer.


The point is the CSM is a cancer on EvE and you don’t get rid of a cancer by voting for it.

You get it cut out. The CSM has done massive damage to this game and I am glad to see it starting to be fixed.

Oh and Hi sec players contribute massively to this games health. Its called cash.


Thank you CCP for these new Trig sites.



eve is finally dying, press F to pay respect

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