September Release - Known Issues

Please use this thread for discussing and reporting known issues.

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Additional Release Information:

The September release brings changes to cynosural fields generators - reducing the number of hulls they can be fitted to in order to make hotdropping a more tactical choice.

Similarly, this release sees the introduction of the new Industrial Cynosural Field Generator that can be fitted by Industrials, Blockade Runners and Deep Space Transports. New industrial cynosural fields can be used by jump freighters, so as to reduce the impact of the cynosural field changes on logistical supply runs to more remote and dangerous areas of space.

Brand new wormhole graphics and audio also come with this release, with clearer visual representation of a wormhole’s remaining lifespan and mass handling capacity. Check out this devblog for more details.

This release also sees the introduction of a whole host of visual and gameplay fixes and changes, including restriction on the Venture to prevent it from capturing lowsec faction warfare complexes, and a substantial number of UI and UX improvements.

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Known Issues:


  • Localized non-English audio is currently defaulting to English


  • Abyssal Traces are not showing on D-Scan or when using Combat Probes
  • Some Triglavian wrecks take a very long time to lock and cannot be destroyed


  • macOS x64: Game freezes when warping in certain systems


  • The Rorqual’s PANIC Module FX will not show to a 3rd party if they warp onto grid after the module is activated
  • Incorrect color graphics inside hangars (appears to be caused by outdated GPU drivers)
  • Black scene after jumping or docking (behind UI elements)
  • Sleeper/Drifter & Unstable Wormholes are still old versions in client

Text & Descriptions:

  • The description of the Industrial Cyno does not mention Black Ops as a ship class that can jump to it

User Interface:

  • Fitting: Drone Navigation Computers incorrectly provide fitting warning on carriers
  • Fitting: Drone Damage Amplifiers prompt a fitting warning when a ship has fighters in its launch tube but not in its fighter bay
  • Fitting: Shield Boost Amplifier does not count Abyssal Shield Boosters for warning messages
  • In the Tutorial no warning appears over the disabled activate button in the Agency if users is in a prohibited system
  • “Warp to” button in the info panel does not appear disabled while warping
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Are the new Industrial Cynos not being seeded?

Industrial cyno was introduced.

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@Zhalyd_Lyehin that wasn’t the question mate

do I need to clear my cache ?


TLDC : no industrial cynosural in the research bar

edit : cleared my cache, still not present in the lens. Maybe need to wait a bit.

Just the blueprints, it looks like:

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Abyssal traces for cruiser abyss space are not on dscan or combat probable.

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they have been blackoutted :smiley:

every single patch , wow QC … just WOW

It’s great to know CCP are watching for stuff reported here so closely

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Not sure I would call it an issue but being able to turn off or dismiss the fitting warnings would be good, I know my ship is duel tanked, it’s not a mistake it’s by design and i dont really need to be warned about it :sweat_smile:

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The wrecks produced by the Trigs from the new Emerging Conduits take an very long time to lock, even with a sensor boosted Noctis. I think their stats need checking.

The wreck stats that is.


Thanks for the feedback!

We took the decision to not include the option to turn off fitting warnings. Disable options such as this add additional development and maintenance complexity, and with a game a large and long running as EVE, these options certainly add up over time making the game more and more time consuming to develop and maintain. That’s not to say that there are not times when it is appropriate, but in this particular case we opted to go with making the warnings as non intrusive as possible.

I hope this makes sense!


Honestly not sure whether it’s my computer or not, but I tried running an Emerging Conduit combat site, and the Trig ships were completely invisible - didn’t show up on either my overview or as an icon in the play field. I also tried CTRL+Mouse, but couldn’t target anything.

Disappearing Trigs might be an overview setting, see if you need to display set them.

Per the Patch notes:
Industrial Cynosural Fields can be jumped to by Jump Freighters and Black Ops Battleships.

Are you saying that ALL Black Ops class ships can jump to this new cyno?

Thanks for the report on this, we’ve added this to the known issues and are working on a fix.

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T2 Drone Damage Amplifiers are also giving a warning on Carriers as well and should not be as they affect fighters as well as drones.