October Release - Known Issues

Please use this thread for reporting and discussing known issues.

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The October Release brings the new Mimesis implant set, along with improved contextual menus for cynosural fields and a whole host of New Player Experience and User Interface improvements.

This release also includes a substantial number of fixes for gameplay, graphics and the user interface.


Known Issues:

  • Main body of the orange suns are not visible when warping to them
  • Sun and Planet LOD-ing is causing an error log spam in the info tab of LogLite that may cause the game client to lag
  • After exiting warp in a mission or tutorial site the ‘Warp to location’ button may re-appear as enabled for a moment before the panel updates to the next objective.
  • Mission Info Panel does not show an objective for the mission “An Honorable Betrayal”
  • If a character creates a corporation with the wallet window open they will see a duplicate of the prompt to select a Wallet Division
  • Unable to interact with a bookmark of the Stellar Accelerator after it has been destroyed
  • Emerging Conduit sites are spawning way too far from the sun.
  • “Jump to Member” when right clicking on a Fleet broadcast Cyno no longer functions
  • The Vedmak Blueprint icon is very dark
  • Minimized Station Services in Upwell Structures does not appear in Neocom
  • Duplicate items in right-click menu of solar systems in agent conversation window
  • Characters created before the release on the 8th of October may lack the skills necessary to complete the Upgrades tutorial mission.
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First, second and third. :stuck_out_tongue:

It seems we are back to old fault of not being able to login . exe has stopped working . You can log in by enabling DX9 was all OK until today’s downtime. Tedious!

Increase so you need a freighter from now on.

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  • Adjusted volume of Pirate Shipyard caches.
    what dose this mean increase or decrease ?!
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The volume attribute of Pirate Shipyard caches has been increased.

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There is an Emerging Conduit site currently in Bahromab 3,998 AU from the sun. Its taking my Orca 37 minutes to warp there :rofl:


Same problem here. Went to settings, unabled 64bit settings and enabled DX9 and I can login again. Something not working well I guess.

30.134.992.394,97 AU isn’t that far… I’ll make it - eventually.

Having issues with heavy lag spikes when inside Emerging Conduits. Going from normal FPS to <10 every 20-30 seconds. But only in these sites.

UPDATE: Problems solved. Non-EVE related in the end.


Deep space bookmarks! \o/


wtb tactical overview.

(it’s broken)

is it intended that the mid grade mimesis set is only 4% better than the low grade? that makes it not worth usung it at all

Could you describe exactly how it is broken? This would be a huge help to us. If you have not already submitted a bug through the F12 menu, doing that would be even better.

Can’t be enabled / disabled , to fix this u have to dock or undock or jump thru gate , will send bug report. ty

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one of my alliance mates just had a 17 billion au site

Brilliant! Will take a look at this.

10b AU spot. Lol.
UPD 6 minutes later: Still waiting for the ship to leave the warp. I want to go home. xD

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The triglavians own your soul now, no turning back, such option does not exist anymore. :skull: