October Release - Known Issues & Feedback Thread (Mac)

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Please use this thread for general feedback and reporting known issues for the mac client.

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The October release brings a host of light balance changes, including tweaks to the Damavik based on community feedback, as well as changes to nullification on combat interceptors, and the introduction of the new Zero-Point mass entangler module.

In addition to this, the October release brings a number of visual fixes and improvements, as well as some changes that should increase performance, including the removal of area of effect damage when a titan class hull is destroyed.

This release also brings substantial changes to ECM mechanics that will allow for more varied counter play and retaliation against pilots using ECM.

October 2018 Release - Known Issues
October 2018 Release - General Feedback
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Known Issues:

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First. Update is amazing.

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When new event? Will you adress the issue of not working autocompletion of the challanges? Everyone have this weird bug that button have to be clicked every time it completes. Cant the button click itself automatically? Is it very hard to program into the game? I thought you got rid of legacy code with CQ being removed.

Also Agency window is too big.

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not able to log in just get execfile.exe - bad image … not designed to run on windows

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