October 2018 Release - Known Issues

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Additional Release Information

The October release brings a host of light balance changes, including tweaks to the Damavik based on community feedback, as well as changes to nullification on combat interceptors, and the introduction of the new Zero-Point mass entangler module.

In addition to this, the October release brings a number of visual fixes and improvements, as well as some changes that should increase performance, including the removal of area of effect damage when a titan class hull is destroyed.

This release also brings substantial changes to ECM mechanics that will allow for more varied counter play and retaliation against pilots using ECM.

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Known Issues:

  • When releasing control of a structure the client does not update the scene correctly. Workaround: Switch to “Outside Structure View” or “Hangar View” and back. - Please restart your client + launcher to receive this client patch!
  • Players are currently unable to complete the starter site due to getting stuck when trying to approach an object. - Fixed server-side
  • The death animation is not being displayed properly, when being podded.
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If ESSs are going to keep showing up in CSM minutes can they atleast have an info page?


It seems my Claw has lost its immunity to bubbles. When will this be fixed? :slight_smile:


Consider buying a Stiletto :smiley:


One much prefers a pair of loafers.


The chat system is broken again. Water is wet, I know.

When I initiate a conversation with someone and type something to actually invite the person, the typed text does not appear in their chat. That’s a new issue with the new chat system since at least September. Another annoying aspect of the new chat system that was supposed to not change our experience negatively.

Also, how can I ban myself from local chat? I want to hunt null sec in peace.


@CCP_Falcon @CCP_Lebowski
Caldari Union DAY SKINS: Golem and Raven doesn’t show “Caldari Union Day” LOGO on wings.

What are your shader settings?


This question sounds shady…

Market works with long delays at times and the price modification window needs to be reopened for it to work

At least you get market data. Here it just sits empty.

ecm appears to be broken now, uh what to do CCP?

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I’m still getting occasional issues where I can’t warp to citadels if I don’t have them ont he overview. However since the patch my ship now alligns to it, breaking cloak as it does so, which I’m not finding to be a useful change.

ECM is broken… structure ECM module has no real use whatsoever…

“Haha youre jammed, you can’t shoot mah fighters anymore” takes a doomsday to the face


ECM works 100% better than it ever has. Thanks for giving us a chance to fight back even if it is only one target.

Those null HICs are no longer moving at 6km/s with their bubble. Thanks CCP.

Thanks for the new module that reduces mass.

Thanks for balancing the Demavik. Consider adding another low slot for a damage mod.

And thanks for working on a different type of Abyss site. Fleet Abyss sounds fun.


Yeah. That ship is still atrocious.

Edit: turns out I done goofed. Withdrawn.

Your graphics driver appears to be quite outdated, could you please update to latest and let me know if the issue persists for you?