October 2018 Release - Known Issues

I read your post and turned completely red in the face.

I had just assumed that, with everything else Windows 10 had forcefully automated, that device drivers were part of it. I went to the driver website and downloaded their latest, installed it, and restarted my computer. I managed to finish that mission, and complete another one, without issue.

I am so, so sorry I wasted your time.

Happens to the best of us mate, glad you’re back among the stars!

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You always had the chance, there is and always was a counter for ECM but min maxers didn’t want to fit correctly.

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Sebo with ECCM script isn’t 100% effective in stopping ECM.

What do you care anyway? You already claimed you were deleting your accounts.

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100% Effective?? That is just the other extreme from the imagined problem.

Neither the item nor the counter should be 100% effective.

It was working fine.

The problem is people are min maxing and don’t want to compromise reps/dps/tank for ECCM by fitting ECCM modules.

Reminds me of untanked miners before the updates to the mining ships or players flying blingy ships on auto pilot.

They undocked with the wrong fit.

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Corrected the occlusion map on the Gallente Frigate Incursus and variants.

I hate to say this, but you missed a spot.

just go away.


Can I offer you a tissue?

im not the one shedding tears over all this ecm change.

and if i was flying an ecm ship, i would look for ways to make it better without screaming “change it back”

:roll_eyes: Objecting to a change is shedding tears…

The fixed what wasn’t broken, probably because a dev got roflstomped, judging by the fear comments in the blog, change it back is the correct solution.

It was a mistake, that is the way you fix mistakes.


Game broken again and all hell breaking loose. CCP what do? :grin:

Im honestly of the opinion that CCP just dont care.


I fly a Rook mostly for 1v1 pvp: I don’t need it to be better just make ECM work for me - any suggestions?

(it’s actually broken in that when it jams it has NO adverse effects on your opponent but please show me how to make it better)

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Thanks CCP for not updating structure anchoring timers while you are in control of another structure.

Zero recon losses or kills.
Obvious troll is obvious.

You should add to the list of known issues: Poor Development - What didn’t have time to add your “small buffs” to ecm ships in the same sprint that you changed the ECM mechanic?


Great job at balances, taking stuff away from the game certainly makes it more interesting than adding more to it!

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That’s what I thought might work too. Making the ECM completely useless in the solo engagement to me sounds like one possible solution is to add some effect(s) that would still permit ECM to be relevant in 1v1. Even a simple positive effect on the host ship or some negative on the target along with a few survival buffs towards ECM-focused ships could reverse the this issue. They don’t need to be OP, but as it stands the ECM ships have nothing, not even their own role, to stand on and hope to live very long or do really anything something else couldn’t do several times better. They could even add a boon specific to ECM boats that the “effects” only trigger when ECM is used from those ships, further encouraging their particular use. The T2 versions could have a slightly stronger effects multiplier, like how command bursts work on ships geared towards their use.

My hypothesis is that CCP is hoping that after some time has passed, they will be able to see how players have adjusted to the changes to better identify problem areas associated with those changes. That way they can better verify based on the aftereffects what needs attention the most. They know the ECM ships hinge entirely now on what they actually adjust on them from here on out, so they may be waiting for behind-the-scenes data to populate before moving on any changes. Problem is, as you and others have pointed out, that means ECM ships are stuck having to suffer until then.