July 2018 Release - Known Issues

We’re happy to announce that the July release is now live.

Please use this thread for Known Issues.

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The July release brings the start of the Dawn of Liberation event, which runs across the Minmatar Republic’s Liberation Day, from July 10th through to July 24th. In addition to this, this release follows on with further ship balancing work, with changes to the Zealot, Retribution and Claw.

Significant performance improvements are also coming to the way the EVE Online client renders missiles and smoke trail grahics, as well as balance improvements to loot in abyssal space and a whole host of user interface, gameplay and audio and graphics fixes.

Known Issues:

  • Event - Vial of Mikramurka item cannot be looted
  • Event - The site description says that you need a “codebreaker module” rather than a Data Analyzer
  • Event - Battleship NPCs can get stuck in a long warp align when leaving the site, causing them to be invulnerable for a while
  • Event - Utilizing Auto-targeting missiles in the event can cause unwanted criminal or suspect flags, even if safety is set to green
  • Event - it is possible to receive unintended Amarr Faction standings penalties when running the event. Please file support tickets to have these penalties rolled back.

Amarr Victor!

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I see that Corp Hangars still close (for no reason at all) when you join a fleet or change position within a fleet.

Maybe less time on new expansions every 6 weeks and more time on bug fixes ?

Was in TIDI for an entire abyss run, took about 45 seconds just to get into the pocket, then 16 minutes of TIDI, then nearly a minute to get back to Kspace (no TIDI before entering or after leaving). Node dying, hammered… what’s going on?

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Doing my second Event site - I couldn’t lock the battleship with the message that it’s warp was preventing me. Is this as designed?

Did the Battleship NPC warp away or just stick around? Was there still a Liberator Hauler in the site for you to fill, or was he already gone?

CCP Turtlepower

The preview window for blueprints in item hangar, does not work.

One still have to click “show info” to see the actual ME/TE bonus.

I’m referring to the new feature with contracts, that are able to preview the blueprints stats in the contract by just hovering over it. This does not work in the item hangar.



Also, Gravid Small Shield Booster Muta’s have an incorrect attribute:

Activation Time / Duration +50% // -7%

Should be:

Activation Time / Duration +5% // -7%

To make it the same as Medium/Large/XL Gravid Shield Boosters.

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in access to the dead abyss denied. Please try again later. ???

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Abyssal access denied error here as well.

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The new event mentions a Codebreaker ??
Shouldn’t that be Data Analyzer ?

Yeah, It’s already mentioned under known issues.

Btw, why does NPC warp functions different from player warp? NPCs are untargetable once they align out, that’s weird.


no local

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I thought we stamped out most of these issues and I’m unable to reproduce this myself, could you submit a bug report with the exact details of how this issue surfaces for you? It may be some specific window or fleet setup that’s causing it.

Thanks in advance!

Hi, no, it slowly moved away from the arena area. I think the Lib Hauler had already left. I have killed a few BS’s since okay.

Justice Liberator: I cannot stay for long: 15 minutes – 20 tops. Get to work!

is color code 0xffe0e0e0 correct? I’m seeing default chat text color, for the quoted local message.

Escalations are still bugged and not showing up for me