April 2019 Release - Known Issues

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he April release brings a whole host of balance changes to New Eden including long awaited tweaks to remote repair modules as well as balancing across a range of capital and subcapital hulls and modules.

In addition to this, the April release will see the next iteration on the war declaration changes, which includes the removal of neutral remote repair assistance, in preparation for further changes as we roll toward the summer.

There’s also a large bundle of quality of life fixes and improvements coming with the April release, so be sure to check out the full patch notes for further details on what’s been deployed!


Known Issues:


  • Dreadnaughts equipped with HAW torpedoes dealing lower than expected damage.
  • Siege Module II bonus is not calculating correctly for HAW torpedoes.
  • Some minor inconsistencies in stacking penalties from spring balance changes.
  • A display issue causes the high angle turret damage bonus on siege modules to appear in show-info windows as a 2% bonus instead of the correct 2x multiplier
  • Docking at Upwell structures fails in the client, if a module is primed for overheating.
  • Logging in after being disconnected can fail, if there are either any modules still running on the ship, or if a module is primed for overheating.


  • Lighting for hangars is very dark in DX9
  • Weapons are visible while being cloaked after jumping through the gate
  • Some lighting effects can be seen through the ship glass shader.

Only to the pilot or to others too?

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DX11 Same issue, very dark


I don’t like the milk in space :frowning:
I dont know what to adjust!

Resolved because Hangar to dark :slight_smile:

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Also anom respawn times decreased instead of being increased.


Phoenix on sisi showed half the required refire rate to match present dps… thought that would have been checked?

Here’s a little bug I found on the cockpit of my minmattar shuttle. Minmattar%20shuttle%20bug

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Your known issues are noted. :stuck_out_tongue:

about Siege Module I and II ,the patch notes say doubles damage bonus to all HAW. But in game is just 2% now.

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My phoenix need 6s to refire …before the patch only about 3s

I reported this bug in test server about 2 weeks ago,CCP just colsed my bug report and put the bug patch online。OMG。

It doesnt come true that Siege Module I and II

  • Now doubles rate of fire for all Rapid Torpedo Launchers

Phoenix is dead。

Same in DX11.
It looks like all adjustments were focused only around maximum client setting, because with High shader preset and High post-processing, hangars look not that dark. Once I switch post-processing off - it’s instantly darker, even on High shaders. If I switch to Medium shader preset it becomes really dark, at least in Caldari hangar.
Now it is a choice between having decreased performance due to max settings or having my eyes bleed. I don’t like both and don’t want to use High shader + High PS at least for now with current performance issues with dust clouds.

Pics comparison

Dx11 client
High shaders, High PS:

High shaders, Medium PS:

Medium shaders, Medium PS:

Medium shaders, Off PS:

DX9 for comparison:
High shaders, High PS:

FYSA, it’s looking to not just be dreadnaughts fitted with HAW Torpedos. People are reporting lower than expected damage for, at the very least, HAW autocannons as well. It’s not as big of a discrepancy as with the HAW torps though.

Siege Module show info attribute text also shows the High Angle Turret Damage Bonus as “2%” when I think it should be 2x, but I think that may just be a visual bug?

Anybody else having issues with not docking at astras? my ship cloaked, and then nothing, couldn’t do anything and was stuck like that, this is after three gates that took 5 mins a piece to get through the jump animations… Now I know why people said don’t bother playing on patch day :-S

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After this patch when I press Alt+Tab I don’t see the window preview. Before I could see what’s going in each window on that Alt+Tab screen without actually switching to other character.

P.S. -50% DPS on Phoenix?
When I saw that on the test server I thought that was an intended nerf
Already prepared to quit EVE :smiley:

Can I have your stuff? :dealwithitparrot:


Thank you for your report - we are currently investigating this further. It seems like it might be triggered, when a module is primed for overheating. The ship is properly docked on the server, but the client fails to show this somehow.

The hangar is very very very dark !!!


The Triple skillpoint bonus for friends who activate my recruit-a-friend link is NOT working. Only 250,000 skillpoints awarded. (This has a negative impact on my credibility.)

Ref: [https://www.eveonline.com/article/ppnaqe/recruitment-program-changes-triple-the-skill-points-for-new-pilots]