August 2018 Release - Known Issues

Please use this thread for reporting known issues.

A list of current known issues is provided in the post below this one.

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Additional Release Information

The August release brings a number of visual overhauls for ships, including the Navitas, Thalia, Tayra, Bustard, Badger and Crane. In addition to this, client performance improvements are also coming with this release, as well as the beginning of the roll out of an improved and simplified New Player Experience.

The Secrets Of The Abyss event also kicks off with this release, which contains event exclusive rewards including new mutaplasmids for Ancillary Armor Repairers and Shield Boosters as well as SKINS for Triglavian hulls. Be sure to rack up those agency points for exclusive rewards!

Secrets of the Abyss
* Progress from The Hunt event is being counted against Secrets of the Abyss. This will stop capsuleers who completed The Hunt event from earning seasonal rewards in the Secrets of the Abyss event. A fix is being worked on. Fix deployed 15.45.

  • Challenges for completing Abyssal Deadspace runs can be completed on runs where the timer ran out, resulting in contradictory challenge completions and ship/pod death.
  • Challenges stop counting progress (Please immediately file an in-game bug report via the F12 menu if you experience this)
  • ‘Claim Rewards’ button doesnt work (Please immediately file an in-game bug report via the F12 menu if you experience this)

New Player Experience:

  • Players may still see ‘Warp To’ on the info panel if the pilot warps away before finishing an operation but after completing a training site
  • In Combat Training 2a a Seeker can become stuck on an asteroid
  • In Combat Training 4a the bracket is missing on the Unstable Wreck
  • Skills received as rewards for completing training do not appear under skill history in the character sheet
  • If a character is in a pod when they accept a Combat Training operation they are not warned that they need a ship
  • ‘Set Destination’ may briefly appear in the Agency after accepting a combat operation instead of ‘Warp To’
  • In the opening tutorial when instructed to orbit at 500m, the menu highlight shows for ‘500m’ under “Keep at Range” as well
  • The Undock button in the agency does not update if station services was used to undock

User Interface:

  • The right-click option on ships to undock from a station has gone missing. Workaround: Use the undock button.
  • The right-click option to board a ship from a ship maintenance bay from a fleet member has gone missing. Workaround (unfortunately less safe): Launch the ship first before boarding it.
  • The New Eden Store can become unresponsive and not allow purchases if accessed from the character selection screen.

This would be great IF there was a secrets of the abyss tab in the agency…lol


So this was a known issue before the update, yet there is notice of this not working any where but here.
I think most players would agree this is the most important thing in this update and its currently not available.


Sorry Hazzix, not sure what you’re referring to with “this”

if we complete some objective, will the reward be available or we need to make a ticket ?

I do think they added it after the fact not before other wise they wouldnt have launched the event to begin with

Issue: Secrets of the Abyss event does not show up in The Agency. This makes it impossible to find the descriptions of the tasks, check your points total, check points thresholds or claim rewards.

Speculation: Events are normally just auto-pinned to the top of the “suggested” tab. Since the new NPE was also pinned, I suspect that it has overiden the event information, by taking the same space in The Agency window. Hiding the NPE does not restore the event window.


Yeah that’s what it looks like …

Terrible lag in station when changing ships… takes long enough that a couple of times I thought I had not clicked to change ship - and went to try again - THEN it changed…


Many people look forward to the events. Some prefer to get all rewards fast and or easy, Others prefer events they can enjoy for a longer time. Maybe I am incorrect and there was more to the event unavailable for us to see due to technical issues with the agency/event. The 4 tasks visible take 5-15 minutes to complete and sceemed more like a introductory tutorial before the event starts.

Enter any lvl / type abyssal site
Kill 10 rats
Exit the abyssal site
Use any mutaplasmid for the first time

Could you let us know if there is more to the event?

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Sure, would you like a complete walkthrough as well?

Seriously, what do you think? Is it reasonable that this event would last only 15 minutes? It’s not, is it? So why not just find out for yourself what else is coming.

No walkthroughs needed. I know how to run abyssal sites. Just hoping to get a reply more along the lines of “Yes, No, Wait and see”. Feedback on our concerns from CCP would be great! Maybe though if you know how the event works you can tell me? Thanks Friend!

lol trolls gotta troll

No problem friend. The character of these events is that apart from the very general topic not much is known in advance. Players have to find out for themselves. This is supposed to be fun. Some consider it such, some would like to pre-calculate wether or not it will be “worth it”. The events are supposed to somewhat offer a refreshing break from everyday goings in EVE for those who choose to delve into them. This can only be achieved if it isn’t mapped out beforehand. Regarding your question: it’s highly unlikely that these 4 tasks will be all the Event has to offer. Source: previous events. If you want to know more, find out for yourself or lean back and wait for other players to share their results.

Makes sense. Thank You.

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Finished 4 LV5 Abyssal Sites - used a Mutaplasmid - have 4 Boxes showing me “VIEW REWARDS” - i click on them - agency pops up - nothing …

Cant claim the rewards because the Agency has no clue about the Abyssal Info.

Common CCP, first you delay this patch for a week… and now its here, it does not work properly…

Ah well it was to be expected no?

Same problem as every 1 else here, nothing on the angency tab…

Keep up the good wo… nvm