December 2018 Release - Known Issues

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Additional Release Information

The December release brings a whole host of features and improvements, including the first iteration on wardec changes, as well as the new Rodiva and Zarmazd class Triglavian logistics cruisers and remote repair modules to complement them.

Certain types of planets in New Eden will start to see the rare appearance of Auroras at their poles, and the Etana class Alliance Tournament prize cruiser also receives a unique new model.

In addition to this, quality of life and balance changes will be packaged with this release, including a number of UI and UX tweaks, as well as improved new player experience flow and adjustments to the respawn rates of certain nullsec anomalies.


Known Issues:

  • Abyssal Trace Warp Gate Show Info window description contains unclear text.
  • Missing Market Group names for new Triglavian Logistics hull & modules.
  • Expanding unnamed booster market category causes market window to lock up.
  • Insurance values for Rodiva, Zarmazd are lower than comparable ships.
  • Right click options for multiple items delivery and contracts are missing.
  • Incursion sites are not respawning correctly.
  • Some now invalid wars were cancelled immediately at downtime instead of entering a 24 hour cooldown. We apologise for any problems this issue has caused and will take steps to ensure this doesn’t happen with future war cancellations.
  • Impetus Potency-50 Glamourex Booster is not giving boost to mission standings
  • Currently unable to invent Zarmazd from Rodiva blueprints due to missing datacore

I’m no longer able to contract multiple items from Item Hangar (citadel) from contextual menu.


Thank you for the report! The contextual menu is indeed missing options, when having several items selected. We are working on a fix.


Datacore - Advanced Starship Engineering not listed in market.


Incursion sites do not re-spawn after they are done since downtime to this moment. Reported in various constellations. Bug report is submitted.


Confirming we also have this incursion bug.


Missing Market information for New Datacore required for Trigalavian invention.

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Same bug for us in the Moghiz constellation. No incursion sites are respawning.


The new “copy contracts” corporate features let you select the division you want to copy contracts from. However, there is no option to copy it from corp deliveries, seen here:

This is a significant handicap for anyone who works mainly out of the deliveries hangar. The most obvious victims are probably 3 ship monte hosts working off altcorps in 4-4, but anyone who uses corp deliveries a lot has just lost access to the copy contracts feature.

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good point. This was not intentional, and we’ll get that fixed!


Small UI issue, probably unrelated to this release specifically.
There is no way to see items expiry date in Redeeming window (ALT+Y) because some descriptions are too long. Please add word-wrap to description field or some other solution (set “Expiry date” as 3rd column for example).

How it looks with long description:

After I redeemed that second item, without touching columns width:

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Looks like incursion constellations aren’t spawning new sites at the moment.


The right-click menu problems for creating contracts and delivering items in Upwell structures fur multiple items has been fixed with a client patch. Please restart you client and launcher to receive the patch.

Regarding respawn problems for incursion sites: We are currently looking into this. We confirmed that it is happening, but we have not found the reason so far.


The new remote armor repairers are missing the “Variations” tab.

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not sure if this is related to the latest release but the launcher looks botched, kinda like a poorly made HTML page. not sure what is the issue, tried checking on the subforums and found some solutions but with the shared cache and everything its not possible to follow the instructions since it looks for an older version. reinstalling the game did nothing too, launcher still looks botched and cannot expand the window to launch the game (or launch the game directly).

this happened right the week before and was expecting the new patch would have somehow fixed the files or something. what gives?

Could you please also fix the issue that you cannot trash items in structures? The right click menu has the option but when you use it EVE tells you it is out of range to do this operation.

if you go into the market, there seem to be 3 new categories under boosters that will break your market if you klick on them

FYI you can right click on that structure in assets window and throw all contents into space.
You also received that junk on Hard Knocks citadel eh?

also under ships>Cruisers>Advanced Cruisers>Logistics in the market the Triglavian category has the amarr logo next to it

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