December 2018 Release - Known Issues


(Rivr Luzade) #21

Heard about that but no, I have not yet. I just have some useless bookmarks that I don’t need anymore.

(lilsteel) #22

ok, I will check.

(riverini) #23

Ok, let’s see, here’s an issue not sure if it has been reported, whenever i throw or double click on a reaction, it doesn’t apply the structure rig bonuses to the reacting time:

Now, if I close the window and load the reaction again, i get the bonuses:

This is extremely annoying as you have to do this process for each and every one char you intend to do reactions with.

(Karl Axelman) #24

Two additional items are showing in the Veldspar market group…

Cthonic Attar
Hiemal Tricarboxyl Condensate


Bug report submitted …

(Peter Yurgin) #26

Why not just come out and tell us you did that on purpose. Its obvious it was an intentional side effect of the new patch.

(Sylvia Kildare) #27

Yeah, I just noticed right clicking on various things in cargo while in space tethered at a structure is not giving the “cargo delivery these things to nearby structure” option or however that was worded before Tuesday.

Can still open cargo delivery off the station itself and then dump in, but it’s an extra step.

(zluq zabaa) #28

There is some issue that may be unrelated to the new booster market group.

For reasons I haven’t figured out, clicking on an item in the market group, will frequently not load the buy/sell orders. I have seen it on multiple chars, in multiple regions, using search in the market tab or just clicking through categories on completely random items from all kinds of categories. For the same item, one char’s market can fail to load the right panel, while another will work fine. Clicking on another item might work again like normal. If one item for one char is not showing buy/sells, opening the info window for that item and clicking the “view market…” button on the bottom works. Also it does not crash the market, just disables clicking on some of the items on the left panel. It behaves normal after closing/opening the market window or using any other method to load the panel on the right (right-click info etc).

How the market window reacts (not at all, but no freeze either) reminds me a bit of the fitting window bug that used to perma-disable your fitting tool when simulating (back then) unfinished AT ship models, just that this time it looks more like a hickup.

(CCP Lebowski) #29

This absolutely isn’t the case, the wars were meant to enter a 24 hour cooldown, but were unintentionally cancelled with immediate effect.

(Rulari) #30

Datacore - Advanced Starship Engineering still does not appear to exist and is required for invention on the Rodiva blueprint. The Zarmazd was not exactly released yesterday because of this.

(Kast Agnet) #31

We’re all trying to get on board with the Precursor Triglavian thing but when you can’t T2 research one of these brand new ships i.e.the Rodiva into these glorious new, much hyped T2 Zarmazd super logistics because the key component datacore “Datacore - Advanced Starship Engineering” isn’t a market, contract or even a searchable item then did you make a mistake? Launch them too early or boo boo?

(Peter Yurgin) #32

You made these corps impossible to war dec’d because they had no structure as of patch day. And made no exception code to allow them to stay in war when they had no structure. It is obvious that you did it on purpose and will do zero to fix it in the future because the problem. I’ll let you know next week when I finish off a few structures in the wars I’m in if you’ve fixed it or not. I doubt it and I doubt I will be able to get all the structures because some of them are allies and the first one up is the defender’s structure. I’ll bet money that you don’t have anything to keep wars going when the ally still has structures up in the war and I’ve eliminated the defender’s structures. And keep in mind these allies have joined the war to attack me and they will be able to get their timers reset because of how the war will end with the defender structures destruction. And guess what, the defender will usually be the first one attacked and up for structure elimination because I declared it against them first and started with them.

(CCP Lebowski) #33

Sorry we seem to be talking about different things here

This is by design, this was entirely the point of the changes.

The intention was they were meant to go into 24 hour cooldown, but the bug was that they ended immediately.

Again, by design.

(Peter Yurgin) #34

We aren’t talking about two different things. You are just missing the mistake you made. These wars did not and do not have a 24 cool down because of the structure requirement in them. Nor will the ends of these wars have a cool down because of the structure requirement. Also, I will have to war dec all the allies against me in my wars because they will still have structures I’ve put into round 3s and the first corps structures that will explode will be the defender’s structures. And that won’t have a 24 hour notification either. It will just end because of your codes do not allow for anyone to be in a war. It will end with the explosion.

(Erstwhile) #35

Thank you for correcting the Incursion site respawning problem!

(Peter Yurgin) #36

Just noticed all of the allies against me in a war are not war eligible but are still showing that they are participating in the current war. I don’t agree with the change, but the change should have ended that process.

So my bad for painting that picture, I’ve got two wars going with structures in both in round 3s coming around and thought so where allies, not my defender. But it seems they are not because the allies don’t have any structures. But they allowed to be allies anyway. Buggy Buggy Buggy.

(Luukje) #37

are the zarmasz seeded into the game? 3 days since patch and not a single one has been sold on the jita market.
no copies for sale on contract either.

(Selnix) #38

Datacore - Advanced Starship Engineering

When will they be seeded?

Where will they drop?

Where is the market group?

Didn’t wanna invent that Logi Cruiser anyways.

(Dominous Nolen) #39

I was just going to ask this.

(Dominous Nolen) #40

You have to invent them from the Rodiva, but the datacores do not exist yet to do so.

(Luukje) #41

that seems like a little cuck up, or was this deliberately delayed.