December 2017 Arms Race Release – Known Issues & Issue Reporting

We’re happy to announce that the Arms Race Release has been successfully deployed!

Please use this thread to report any issues you find with the release.

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Additional Release Information

The Arms Race release brings a whole host of new options for Alpha pilots to EVE Online with the Expanded Alpha Skillset, and the Daily Alpha Injector.

In addition to this, the Arms Race event will kick off on release day, when new improvements to Pirate Forward Operating bases, a new Project Discovery Monument, and more visual renovations to New Eden are also released.

The Arms Race release will also contain additional iteration on Resource Wars, with the introduction of the support role, as well as some balance changes to rewards. Jump fuel and jump fatigue changes are also included in this release, as well as the deployment of the new empire selection process to all new characters.

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Known issues

  • Combat Scanner Probes have reduced strength. - fixed on Thursday

  • Wormhole EoL wobble is missing. - fixed on Thursday

  • Alpha Clone characters may see an increase in Skill Training time when under the effects of a timed Cerebral Accelerator (currently the Rogue Swarm Cerebral Accelerator.
    Please note this issue is UI only, and the training time is correct on the server. You can see the correct training time for the next to the Skill in the queue when the Training Queue has been started.
    - Resolved on 19th December

  • When trying to accept a courier contract between two Upwell Structures, the client “freezes”, if not being docked in either structure. - fixed with extra client patch on Thursday

I still cannot turn off betting on duels.

The Agency window keeps blinking my EVE Menu button when I minimize it and there is no way to turn off blink.

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Corporation hangars still can not remember their state and position in citadels.
We still can not warp to citadels if they are not on the overview.

Those are the most annoying things from the long list.

Thanks for mentioning these things, can I just ask you a couple of questions to make sure we’re on the same page:

I believe you are referring to the corp hangar tree being minimized in a generic Inventory window when you dock in a structure. is that correct?

Would this be a Citadel you have access to but that has been removed from the overview? Which way are you attempting to warp to it?

According to the patch notes, combat probes used to be too strong and have been “fixed”. This is incorrect. Combat probes had the strength that they were supposed to have according to the info window. Now their strength does NOT match the info window.

The main attributes from info window of Sisters Core Probe:
Base Scan Range 0.25 AU
Base Sensor Strength 44 points
Base Maximum Deviation 0.125 AU

The main attributes from info window of Sisters Combat Probe:
Base Scan Range 0.5 AU
Base Sensor Strength 22 points
Base Maximum Deviation 0.25 AU

The above numbers have not changed. But what happens when you scan with Sisters Core probes from 0.5 AU range… and what is supposed to happen? It’s obvious: Range doubles from the base range to 0.5 -> Sensor Strength halves to 22 points and Deviation doubles to 0.25 AU.

In other words, according to the info window Core and Combat probes ALWAYS SUPPOSED TO HAVE the same probing efficiency FROM THE SAME RANGE. And they always did. According to the current info windows, they still should have it. Somebody at CCP horribly misunderstood this and fixed a problem that wasn’t there and updated incorrect information to the patch notes.


\o/ This brings back impossible to probe ships. :slight_smile: Tested with all-V prober and with maxed out implants. :slight_smile:


So ccp broke scanning. A all lvl 5 char with sister implants carnt scan a prospect with sensor booster with eccm scrip… I thing there are many ships that carnt be found.


I can no longer scan down T2 drones with an unbonused ship. I dread to think what scanning down a Magpie MTU is like now, considering I could barely get 100% with an Astero + Sister’s launcher/probes and the 6% implant.

Thankfully, there are other ways of bagging a Magpie without probes, but I’m not sure making this MTU immune to probing was intended…?


Hey guys, thanks for the reports on probing issues. To clarify whats been changed here, Kaivaja is right in saying that at the same ranges, combat and core probes should have the same probing efficiency as each other. This should not have changed.

The issue that was fixed however (that surfaced during the scanning changes earlier in the year), was that combat probes could go all the way down to 0.25AU, instead of having a minimum size of 0.5AU.

This does indeed mean the during this time, combat probes were just as good at probing down anomalies, sites etc as core probes, and this was the issue.

However, all the reports of now being unable to scan ships are troubling to say the least. There is a system in place that should place a maximum difficulty for ship probing, meaning a max bonused pilot (skills, ship bonuses, modules and implants) should absolutely always be able to scan down a ship.

I’d really appreciate a bug report from each of you who are experiencing problems with this. Make sure to include your ship fit, implants, and the ship you are trying to scan, and I’ll investigate all these cases.

Thanks !

Testing proves that at the moment Core probes have 2x strength and half deviation error of combat probes from the same range. Core probes work just like they should while the performance of combat probes have been halved by a mistake.


You know if you had announced this and put it on SISI maybe things like this would get picked up?

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that is described in the EBR/135784

As for warping to citadels - right click on inventory or solar sysem menu expand to structures select one from list or just right click on autopilot target and 99% you see no “warp to…” if they are not on the overview. Basically anz other way then clicking on the overview fails. It just tells me silly stuff if i select dock it says “The engineering complex is too far away it must ne within 2500 M” or If i say approach "You can not navigate that way with the seleted object as it is too far away"
funny thing from 8 engineering comlexes in the list i can warp to 2 of them the rest has no warp option.
I have access to all of them just don not have them on the overview.

I see this a lot, but people I fly with don’t. I suspect it has something to do with network latency as I have a very poor internet connection. generally after a few minutes you will get the correct warp to options.

But you can bet when you really really need a warp to, you won’t have it.

The game client is slow compared to just last night. It’s not jerky lag or random hesitation as what sometimes happens with a shaky connection to the TQ server. It is more of an overall addition of ponderous & lethargic responses. If the lead could be removed from Eve, that would be greatly appreciated. A cruiser shouldn’t lumber about like a battleship. What changed? More importantly, can it be changed back??

How to turn OFF blinking of “Loading something” or “Salvage attempt failed this time” messages? It is VERY annoying!

The new animation for wormhole “End of Life” is way to SUBTLE. Prior to patch release (regardless of graphics settings) I could arrive on grid with a wormhole and know immediately if the wormhole was EOL or not, simply by looking at it.

Now it takes at least 10 seconds of direct observation to actually figure out if the hole is EOL or not. Essentially forcing me to “show info” on the wormhole every time I arrive on grid with one. Please restore the old EOL annimation or fix the new one to give the same amount of feedback as pre-patch. Thank-you.


L4 Assault (Serpentis) is broken. Fresh mission (not an older mission that may have bugged during DT, etc):

Gated to third room as per usual and killed the [3 BS 2 BC] blitz group. Mission didn’t update.
Killed all of room 3, mission didn’t update.
Killed all of room 2, mission didn’t update.
Killed all of room 1, mission didn’t update.
Docked up in Agent station and tried to manually complete, says mission objectives not completed.
Cleared All Cache files and logged back in again.
Undocked and warped back to mission pocket.
Ran through all 3 gates again. No NPC’s, no updates.

When I warp into the third pocket the icon in upper left (below “Agent Missions”) changes from a “tag” to a “target” like it still wants me to kill something even though everything is dead.

Either the mission was changed so you can’t blitz it anymore, and attempting to blitz will break it… or it’s just broken period.

Bug Reported: EBR-139541