EVE Online: Lifeblood - Known issues and issue reporting

We’re delighted to announce that EVE Online: Lifeblood has been successfully deployed!

Please use this thread to report issues.

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The Lifeblood expansion continues a large scale industrial revolution for EVE Online that includes new Upwell Consortium Refinery class structures, as well as brand new moon mining mechanics to accompany them.

Lifeblood also includes a whole host of improvements and changes, including Resource Wars, a new type of collaborative high-sec PvE content, as well as new Pirate Forward Operating Bases, the new Mining Ledger, improvements to The Agency, and Guristas Shipyards, which are accompanied by three brand new Guristas capital class hulls.

In addition to this, we see numerous smaller improvements, as well as bug fixes.


Known issues


  • Tatara and Athananor display wrong occlusion areas on the silos
  • Refineries may take a second to appear when viewing outside the structure or after undocking

Resource Wars:

  • The rewards window becomes blank if it is collapsed by double-clicking its header
  • Resource Wars reward crate splash screens have slight text overlap
  • Resizing a Resource Wars info window can cause some minor formatting issues
  • Minimizing the ‘Incoming Transmission’ window rather than closing it can cause it to become stuck in the neocom
  • Resource Wars site beacon info windows have a tiny x in the top right corner that blanks the window if clicked.


  • Characters who checked their Total Net Worth shortly before downtime will have to wait 12 hours for their Total Net Worth to be correct again; Market/contract escrow and assets will show as zero in the interim
  • Agency Live Event progress bar does not scale with Agency window when resized
  • Bountiful Prey Live Event Challenges displays colour highlighting for two states in succession
  • Blueprint copies display as originals in LP store tooltips


  • It is currently not possible to unanchor Moon Mining and Reaction related POS arrays.


  • Structures sometimes do not show in In-Space right click menus.

I can not unanchor modules from my reaction towers. the towers are online, I can empty them but unanchor does nothing at all.

New issue: Moon harvesting arrays and silos cannot be unanchored from their starbases.


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Thank you, this has been added to the known issues list and we are investigating.

Guristas victory skins seem to lack the “sell” option

We just checked this and were able to sell the SKIN just fine … are you sure your SKIN is in the hangar (and not cargo or container)?

i cannot seem to log in at all since the update, keep getting errors about “C:/eve/sharedcache/tq/bin/blue.dll”

In item hangar, the skin converted from a victory rattlesnake blueprint, lacks the sell option https://i.imgur.com/6aqYd62.png

Thank you… could you please file a bugreport on it, from within the game (through F12 window).
Please include a screenshot of the whole client, that often makes it easier for us to figure things out :slight_smile:

done, id EBR-135761

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Balance on guristas level one and two resource missions WAY off.

Ventures are Perma jammed, and three players focusing their 2 T2 drones hardly scratch them when they are eventually not jammed for a few seconds.

Also isk price of reward crates, are absurd relating to the value of the contents, unless ravens have suddenly magically become navy ravens.

Also please show the tag requirement in the new LP store other than as a tooltip, they are often the most expensive components.

Regular asteroid belt NPC are warping in to the Resource Wars sites, just to bump the difficulty up a bit more.

Had it happen in several sites now. These are normal belt rats, with bounty, wrecks and loot.

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Is the unanchor bug being fixed later today or is it being postponed until downtime tommorow?

to do Resource Wars sites i get the message i need 1.0 standings with a new npc corporation that has no agents … how do i get higher standings without having the ability to do missions for them through agents?

You have to start at the lowest level sites and then access to the higher levels is granted. The order is

  • Limited
  • Minor
  • Standard
  • Major
  • Critical

Find a Limited Site and you should be able to enter that with zero standings.

  • Issue *

Resource Wars chat windows do not close when the site is finished. These should timeout like Incursion Constellation chat windows do.

  • Issue *

How do I stop that annoying “Loyalty Point Store” blue banner when I dock? Yes its a nice newbie friendly thing, but I only need to see it once.

Please verify your shared cache, it seems like there might be some corrupted files. Check https://support.eveonline.com/hc/en-us/articles/213281985-Shared-Cache-Options for details.

aahhh, didn’t saw the different level, i probably looked too quickly, thanks!