EVE Online: Lifeblood - General feedback

We’re delighted to announce that EVE Online: Lifeblood has been successfully deployed!

Please use this thread for general feedback.

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The Lifeblood expansion continues a large scale industrial revolution for EVE Online that includes new Upwell Consortium Refinery class structures, as well as brand new moon mining mechanics to accompany them.

Lifeblood also includes a whole host of improvements and changes, including Resource Wars, a new type of collaborative high-sec PvE content, as well as new Pirate Forward Operating Bases, the new Mining Ledger, improvements to The Agency, and Guristas Shipyards, which are accompanied by three brand new Guristas capital class hulls.

In addition to this, we see numerous smaller improvements, as well as bug fixes.

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Silos and moon harvesting arrays cannot be unanchored from their starbases.



Thanks for the report, we’ve confirmed this issue and are working on a fix.

I just wanted to say thank you for the implementation today. Given the scale of the changes being implemented and the single live server model that Eve runs on it really is a great achievement to have it back live in 20mins. I’ve only been playing for a year but this is certainly the smoothest large implementation I’ve seen.

I can be one of the first to moan when things go wrong for me, so today its a thank you for your great efforts.


I must have missed something I read that you would be able to harvest moons in wormhole space.

now i find out that is not the case. Basically Screw the Wormhole guys you don’t get crap but hey you can put up a refinery that hey you can’t mine the moons in wh space but you can go buy other peoples moon ore.

Just bummed on this one

I think this is pencilled in for the Q1 release (as per Vegas presentations) but it will only be Ore not Moon Goo

It’s coming later. It was never said to be part of this release.

Completed level 1 Resource Wars, solo. Or would have done, if hauler had not been missing at end; presumably KIA. Bailed out and now I can only see level 2 events, even though that level 1 was never completed. Is that supposed to happen?

The state of opened corporation hangars in the citadels still resets every time I log in/log out undock/dock

This works in stations .
Bug report EBR-135784

Yea i must have missed it that were wormhole corps weren’t receive anything from this update.

Just blows, I was all set this morning to find a moon to put up a refinery.

Only to find out no your not getting Moon Mining, and when it is implemented. You will only be able to mine regular ore just like the ore you have in your mining anomalies.
Makes no sense.

You can’t mine Ice you cant mine moon goo.
FFS give us something.


Is the distribution of that Marshal supposed to take place today as well, or is that going to be for another day that isn’t as hectic as today will be?

Resource Wars feels like needing a social security card, birth certificate, and photo ID for a bowl of soup.

Standings requirements, insanely narrow ship restrictions, maximum pilot cap, a short timer, and very specific set of win conditions (put ore in hauler or fail) for… T1 gear package and ISK? Not sure. Haven’t actually beaten one yet.

The amount of restrictions and effort put into actually getting a win in these is pretty steep, guys, not gonna lie, lol. There’s also no way of knowing when a site has been activated yet, so you can warp in on a site that’s literally got minutes/seconds left on the clock and never have a chance of winning it, even with a co-ordinated group.

It’s pretty rough :stuck_out_tongue:


Hi there, could you please submit a bug report regarding this (press F12 in game)? Thanks!

CCP Turtlepower

You have sleepers.

Oftentimes i ask myself, why don’t we have sleepers, like those easy livin’ WHers?


I am positively impressed: The Emperor Family and the heir families finally have their personnel adjusted and Catiz Tash-Murkon is finally the rightful CEO of Emperor Family. Congratulations!


In all the previous changes, either we were still able to use the existing modules or those were automatically replaced with new ones. This time, we are left with lots of SILOs that we have no use for. Any explanation on why those were not replaced/upgraded to something useful ?

How can I dasable Neocom button flashing after Agency status changes? This is very distracting

Yeah, I listened at EVE Vegas too and thought High Sec 0.5 and Wormhole space was included in moon mining.

Yes you can have the refinery but no moon drills in 0.5 and wormhole space! You can have the gun but no bullets. For the record, they didn’t lie but could have done a better job telling us about the banned drill.

What a waste of time getting the BPO’s this morning. LMAO! Only 3 hours of sleep because of it, going back to bed. Wake me up when a the next release comes out without strings attached.

You can disable all blinking of the Neocom from the right click menu on the Neocom. There is no way to disable individually.

How often is it flashing for you? Feel free to submit a bug report through the f12 menu with a video attached. If this is happening too often we can take a look at toning it back.