This Week in EVE #173 (21 - 27 October)

Following a break for EVE Vegas and Lifeblood, the weekly EVE news is back! The previous overview is here.

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The current “This week in EVE” gives an overview to 27 October.


EVE Online: Lifeblood Has Been Successfully Deployed!

The massive winter expansion EVE Online: Lifeblood has been successfully deployed on October 26. This is a huge step forward for EVE Online and the community! Here are some of the new features:

Get the full details on the patch notes. For discussions, please check out the Lifeblood feedback thread and Lifeblood known issues.

Celebrate the “Crimson Harvest” event and enjoy incredible Headhunter SKINs

Just following the Lifeblood expansion, we see the Blood Raider Covenant roaming the spacelanes once more to reap the crimson harvest. Fight them, and get rewarded with combat boosters, attribute enhancers, and amazing new Headhunter SKINs. Watch out for Blood Raider Gauntlet sites!

This is EVE Online: Lifeblood - CCP Guard and friends explore Lifeblood

CCP Guard and his developer friends are exploring the gigantic new expansion EVE Online: Lifeblood. The initial live broadcast was Oct 26, now you can watch the recording and the highlights:

  • Resource Wars level 3 with CCP Guard, CCP Affinity, CCP Falcon, CCP RedDawn, and CCP Sledgehammer
  • Blood Raider Gauntlet site with CCP Guard and CCP Sledgehammer
  • First Lifeblood data analysis with CCP Guard and CCP Quant
  • Pirate Forward Operational Basis with CCP Guard, CCP Paradox, and CCP Larrikin
  • Moon scanning in Jove space with CCP Guard, CCP Fozzie, and CCP Lebowski

EVE Online - Make today your first day[url=]

A new video invites everyone to check out EVE, especially because it is free to play. Have a look, share it on your social media and let us know what you think!

EVE Vegas 2017 - Review in pictures

EVE Vegas 2017 was amazing! Lots and lots of fun, plenty of exciting dev news and incredible parties. Check out the EVE Vegas pictures and have a look at the EVE Vegas presentation videos to see what we are planning for the rest of this year and next year!

Fanfest 2018 - Tickets Now On Sale

Come to EVE Fanfest 2018 and celebrate 15 years of EVE Online! Early bird tickets are now on sale. Get ready and prepare your trip to this legendary event in the land of fire and ice. EVE Fanfest takes place in Reykjavik, Iceland, from April 12-14, 2018. Now is the time!


Following the amazing EVE Online: Lifeblood expansion, we already see several of our core streamers diving into the features:

Have a look, and get ready to fuel the fire in the universe!

Weekly streams with CCP

EVE doesn’t stop when you are closing the game client. You still can have fun, participate and discover new things. Simply watch the amazing broadcasts on CCP’s twitch channel!


If you are a bit overwhelmed by the expansion, worry not! The community has already gathered some info and guides about various features. Check it out:

First Athanor refinery destroyed
The first Athanor refinery got already destroyed. The structure was not fully operational yet, the attackers took their chances and got rewarded with the first ever destroyed refinery!


Into the Nexus

Razorien delights us once more with impressive images. This time, he went into the Nexus!

Happy Halloween

Are you ready for Halloween? Rose Knightley certainly is!

Revelation on fire

That was a close call. Have a look at this Revelation after it got hit by a Doomsday strike. Thanks to Wilhelm Arcturus for this image!

Battle for the 83-YGI Sotiyo

Thanks to Adan Dimaloun, we have a video of the recent massive battle in 83-YGI over a Sotiyo. Enjoy!

Special offers

Celebrate the “Crimson Harvest” event and enjoy incredible Headhunter SKINs

The amazing Headhunter SKIN for selected ship hulls is for sale for a limited amount of time!

50% off EVE Online Premium Edition on Humble Bundle

The Premium Edition can be used once per account if no other edition has been used on that account. Included in the Premium Edition:

The Premium Edition is on sale for only $24.99 until Nov 2nd!


If you have any community resources regarding Lifeblood, please do not hesitate to post them here!

Videos, images, guides, events, in-game roams, corp ads … don’t be shy :slight_smile:


I’m really excited to hear about “Completely new noon mining”.

Previously you couldn’t mine at noon due to downtime but this latest patch changes all that!

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As someone who usually wakes around noon, noon mining sounds awesome.

Is that Premium Edition usable if you are already Omega (by a Plex) ?

How to know if we can use it or not ?

It’s a one time deal, so if you have never used it before, then you can now.

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Weeee! Halloween! :grin: :blush: :ghost:

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Hi, people! Could someone tell me if I can benefit for the offer of premium account if I was an active member (Omega) and now I am a Alpha? Thanks!

Yes, you can benefit from the Premium Edition, but only if you haven’t used a Premium Edition or Standard Pack before. That is the only limitation here, you can use these packs only once per account.


Thank you very much, CCP Phantom. I have this account for 11 years and I don’t know if I have used this offer or not. I will try it and if I can’t used, I will probably receive a refund. Thanks again.

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Is there a way to be sure if one account has used this before?

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so far so good…but i wish resource wars was less focused on mining, and more a mix of mining and combat… plus i wish it wasn’t limtied to 3 sites per empire at any given time…so hard to make it into a site

I’d like to know this as well.

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I’ve found that even when I am prepared for Combat Mining, unless I go with friends, one of two things will happen:

1: I want to do one, but there is nobody to do it with, and I can’t complete it myself. And my friends are busy with something else or are otherwise indisposed.

2: I want to do one, but the site is full or almost done, and when we get in - if we get in - the site completes and we get no credit, and the people doing it disperse, and we can’t work with them to do a site when we need the numbers to get it done.

It’s aggravating at higher levels, and if these empires really need this ore, why not supplement us with miners of their own, if we can’t supply the numbers?


Login into your account on the main website and check out the “Transaction History”. If you used such a code on this account there should be an entry of it.


If you never purchased it before, you can purchase it and use it now, and will receive all items included in the pack, including omega even if you have omega (it just adds another month) on top of the plex and items.

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This week on Mindclash we cover the Lifeblood PVE and where to get in on the action. Also coverage of the wars ongoing around the DRF and the main topic looks at the layoffs at CCP.

Join us every week on twitch at 7pm PST, 10pm EST at

If they would open the alpha clients up to being able to do more resource Collection IE mining barges then more payers would stick around and delete the one account alpha loggon at a time and the game will explode with new subscriptions … And or do something about the billion and half plex , cost so the players who used to play to pay for there accounts would come back !!!

Hope it is not true you are laving CCP, but if it is THANK YOU for all the posts about what happens in EVE. You will be missed… very much

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