This Week in EVE #168 (2 - 8 September)

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The current “This week in EVE” gives an overview of the week from 2 - 8 September.

Dev News

Dev blog: Introducing Resource Wars

Resources Wars is a new PvE-feature for highsec coming with the winter expansion on 24 October. This dev blog provides a first, high-level overview:

  • Fight for your Empire in new Mining Expedition sites
    • Mine resources in these sites
    • Defend your team against ruthless NPC pirates
  • Available in various difficulties from tier 1 to tier 5
  • Rewards include ISK, standings, and loyalty points
  • Available in high-sec space

Read the dev blog and the dev answers to player questions. We will follow up with further blogs and details about Resource Wars, stay tuned!

Next release on 12 September - Patch notes

The next EVE Online release is scheduled for next Tuesday, 12 September. We will see:

  • Graphical improvements
  • Improvements to the tutorial
  • New skills in preparation for the new moon mining and reactions coming on 24 October
  • An optional market ticker
  • Plenty of bug fixes

For all the details, consult the patch notes! After that release, we are burning straight towards the massive winter expansion EVE Online: Lifeblood.

Monthly Economic Report - August 2017

The virtual economy of EVE Online is completely player driven, incredibly huge and fascinating. This is your universe! Get an insight into this amazing aspect of EVE Online with the monthly economic reports:

There is something for everyone, regardless if you are a brand new player or a veteran market guru: you can find something valuable.

Developer demo: Moon mining with CCP Lebowski and CCP Guard

A recording of the live stream on 7 September with CCP Lebowski and CCP Guard. During the live stream, the devs demoed the new moon mining system coming 24 October:
Moon scanning (all the moons will receive a new composition on 24 October)

  • Setting up of a Refinery and installing a moon drill
  • Moon drilling, scheduling and finishing the drilling
  • Mining the moon ore and refining it
  • Showing the new mining ledger
  • Demonstrating the new reactions

You are highly encouraged to watch the entertaining and informative dev demo!

EVE Vegas 2017 live stream - Call for player hosts

EVE Vegas (6 - 8 October) is approaching and we are preparing for live broadcasts with CCP staff and also players. This is your chance!

We are looking for players who would like to join the EVE crew as a host for the live broadcast from EVE Vegas 2017! This role involves hosting a few
interviews in between main presentations and keynotes.

Check out the call for player hosts.

Special offers

Kairiola’s Sacrifice SKIN for Chimera class carriers

In celebration of the Caldari Union Day and to honor the sacrifice of Admiral Tovil-Toba and his Kairiola carrier, we have a new SKIN available for Chimera class carriers.

This new level of SKIN features holographic banners and sophisticated texturing never seen before in the New Eden Store.

Humble Bundle offer - 50% discount on Premium edition

Humble Bundle delivers! 50% discount on EVE Online Premium Edition between 7 and 11 of September. With the Premium Edition you’ll get:

  • 30 days of Omega Clone State time
  • 1 MCT (Multiple Character Training)
  • 650 PLEX
  • 8 unique ship SKINs
  • 4 male and 4 female apparel pieces.

During the offer, the EVE Online premium edition costs only $24.99!

Please note that you can only activate one of these editions per EVE Online account.

Guides and community info

400+ EVE tutorial videos from Evocationz Adhera

Evocationz Adhera has created more than 400 video tutorials for EVE, Valkyrie and Gunjack. The videos cover a wide range:

  • Tutorials for Alpha player
  • Tutorials for Omega players
  • Ship spotlights
  • Fitting guides
  • Tips for PVE and PVP
  • Live streams

Check out the full list of videos and enjoy the shows!

Project Discovery - Level 1.000 with 99% accuracy

Project Discovery is the fantastic feature in EVE Online that allows you to participate in the search for real exoplanets. How far can you push this exciting research? Well, at least to level 1000! Aruar reached this level with amazing 99% accuracy. Congratulations!
Watch this video and discover how you can reach that amazing level.

Player gatherings worldwide

Player gatherings are exciting and a great opportunity to meet fellow EVE enthusiasts.

Find a player gathering near you on EVEMeet and on the EVE Forum!

How to make 1 billion ISK as a new player

ISK is not everything in EVE. But certainly, it can help you - especially as a new player. How can you earn a good chunk, maybe even 1 billion ISK? Do it like Bone_z and find expensive things in space, scoop them to your cargo hold and sell them for a nice profit!

There are so many ways in EVE, it is all up to you and your creativity!

How to make 2 billion ISK per hour as veteran

While you might be happy about 1 billion as a new player, can you earn more as a veteran? If so, how? Fetouros Kousou shows how you can earn 2 billion ISK per hour in a C6 wormhole with a Naglfar and a salvager pilot. Check also Gustav Mannfred’s video about using a Loki for C3 wormhole sites.

A fitting guide for miners

Check out elitatwo’s fitting guide for miners. This guide is not just a list of ship fits but instead explains differences, strengths and weak spots of the mining barges. Discover how each barge has their own field of operation, and how you can utilize that knowledge to maximize your efficiency. Don’t miss additional interesting info in the forum discussion!

Learning for life: Trading in EVE and getting rich with Bitcoins

Cryptocurrencies are a hot topic for financial speculation and real world market traders. What has that to do with EVE? An insider story how trading in EVE massively helped with successful speculations in real life: “EVE Online taught me how to read buy-/sellorders, what to look out for, how people try to push prices up or down, how to think market… and it works! omg it really works!”


Faction Warfare: Current affairs and FAQ

Faction Warfare allows you to fight for the glory of one of the empire factions. DrButterfly has a nice FAQ about the current affairs in faction warfare and a general overview, check it out! For hourly updated warfare statistics, the overall performance of each faction, Loyalty Point exchange rates, guides and more, have a look at and

Community artwork

Help Me EVE Community, You’re My Only Hope

CCP Falcon and the community team have moved their work space at the CCP office. Now they are facing dreadfully blank walls. This needs to change!
Please send us your favorite beauty screenshots from EVE (cinematic ones with no UI that really show off the beauty of EVE) and post them in this thread.

Video: Capital battle in XWY-YM

On 6 September, the system of XWY-YMa large (super-)capital battle between TEST + allies and C02 and various third parties. At the end, more than 450 billion ISK got destroyed in this battle, CO2 had to bear the biggest losses.

Check out the various player-created resources:

Video: Fun with Bombing - An inside view from Bombers Bar

Bombing in EVE can be a lot fun! Have a look how much fun it could be and enjoy Bombers Bar’s video!

3D printed Crucifier

Another amazing 3D print from Kisaki! This time, Kisaki has worked on the Amarr Crucifier frigate with spectacular results. The print is extremely detailed and painted with impressive precision, considering that the model is only 10 cm big.

Also, have a look at Kisaki’s other 3D-printed and hand-painted artwork.

For additional insight, questions and answers, check out the forum thread.


OMg Thank you so much!

Thank you for the mention!

Apparently forgot about ‘The Agency - Warzone Extraction’ event in September 12 release section? Or will it be later?

Good to see Loki getting complete hull swap to look great again didn’t think you guys got it in ya.

Bob knows it needed it after t3 rebalance pass and visual choices that remained.

From the devblog:

The reward for successfully completing the sites will be ISK, standings and LP

Because that’s what New Eden needs - another ISK faucet.

Cant speak for this New Eden guy but for me…bring it.

Thanks for featuring one of my posts and on this blog @CCP_Phantom !

More faction warfare status updates and battle reports from the minmatar warzone are coming to the forums every week and new players are very welcome to reach out to me via eve mail or on the forums to find out more about getting started with faction warfare.

Great work Phantom. Always appreciate it.

As always, thank you for the update.

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