This Week in EVE #170 (16 - 22 September)


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“This week in EVE” is a weekly overview of EVE Online related news and events. The previous overview is here.

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The current “This week in EVE” gives an overview of the week from 16 - 22 September.

Dev News

A new live event: The Agency - Warzone Extraction

The new Agency live event “Warzone Extraction” celebrates the launch of EVE: Valkyrie - Warzone on 26th September bringing non-VR, 2D access.

  • Content: Loot a Drifter wreck-yard and fight against Drifter-allied forces
  • Start date: 11:00 UTC / 04:00a PDT on 19 September
  • End date: 11:00 UTC / 04:00a PDT on 3 October
  • Potential rewards: New SKINs, Boosters, Skill Accelerators, and more
  • Availability: Highsec, Lowsec, Nullsec, Wormhole space

NoizyGamer has a selection of Tech-1 cruisers ready for Warzone Extraction.
Watch the Warzone Extraction video report from The Discourse!

Dev AMA on r/science - Project Discovery

Project Discovery, the tool in EVE Online to search for real-life exoplanets, is incredibly successful: You are the best!
We had an AMA (“ask me anything”) on the popular Science subreddit with 17 mil subscribers:

  • Make the broader audience aware of your impressive work
  • Provide a deeper insight into the science behind Project Discovery
  • Answer questions from the community

Learn more about this fascinating project with the new Project Discovery tutorial video.
Enjoy the Project Discovery AMA and spread the word!

A new UI for finding content in New Eden

With the EVE Online: Lifeblood expansion we will also get a new UI where you can find a variety of content in New Eden.
The content included in the initial release will be the following:

  • Events (The previous Agency)
  • Agents
  • Resource Wars
  • Asteroid Belts
  • Epic Arc Agents
  • Signatures and Anomalies

Head over to the test server Singularity, have a look and give us your feedback!

Seed The Moons of New Eden!

(Image courtesy of Reddit)

You can shape the future EVE - literally! With EVE Online: Lifeblood on 24 October, we are reshuffling the content of every moon.
To do that, we need to initialize the random part of the algorithm that redistributes the moon content.
YOU can be the one who determines the future moon distribution: Send us the seed of the random number generator!
Read the all the details.

The EVE Vegas 2017 Megablog & Community Content

EVE Vegas is the fantastic player gathering at Las Vegas. This year, it takes place from 6-8 October.
The full schedule is now available:
If you can’t make it to this event, we have a great EVE Vegas live stream for you:
In any case, don’t miss this fantastic event!

Guides and community info

Why does anyone mine?

An interesting question: Why does anyone mine? Surely, you can make a lot more ISK per hour with other activities. So, what is the motivation?
There are various reasons, and Bjorn Tyrson points out some:

  • It can be relaxing
  • Enjoyment of building “from the ground”
  • Mining on site could be easier than importing materials (depending on the location)
  • It scales well with the number of characters

But in the end, the answer is easy: Because people like doing it. (smile)

Which races would you like to see die most?

An interesting question, especially for those who are more involved in faction warfare and the lore of EVE.

Which race would you like to see die most? Voice your opinion and vote!

SPARC is a proper sport

Sparc is the first proper virtual sport. It is a unique physical sport only possible in virtual reality. To get an impression, have a look at the Sparc videos.

But is it really a sport? Yes, it is!

The proof is in the heart rate chart during a Sparc session: Average 146 beats per minute and max 175 bmp.

Thanks to CCP Leeloo for this insight!

War report: Liberation of Anka

Faction Warfare can be very intense and exciting. You have a clear purpose, plenty of friends and foes, and there is always something going on!

Enjoy this exciting insight into Faction Warfare.

Maybe you want to give it a try too?

Community artwork

Corp recruitment trailer from Zero T0lerance

The corporation Zero T0lerance has released an impressive recruitment trailer. Well done!

Do you know similar high-quality trailers?

Ship balance banners by HEDWAY Station

Following the ship balancing for EVE Online: Lifeblood, HEDWAY Station have created astounding infographics to visualize the upcoming balance changes.

Check out the infographic!

Also, don’t miss other amazing media from HEDWAY Station.

Artstation: EVE is beautiful

Impressive examples of how beautiful EVE Online is. Check out some of the amazing ship models in EVE.

Special offers

New Eden Store: Valkyrie battleship SKINs

Celebrate the upcoming EVE: Valkyrie - Warzone release and the new live event The Agency - Warzone Extraction.

  • Abaddon - 110 PLEX
  • Raven - 110 PLEX
  • Dominix - 110 PLEX
  • Typhoon - 110 PLEX
  • SKIN bundle - 396 PLEX

Enjoy these brand new Valkyrie SKINs!

EVE Wochenschau #170 (16.-22. September)
This Week in EVE #171 (23 - 29 September)
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You are, of course, most welcome to add your own community content here, ask questions and point to other exciting things happening in the world of EVE Online!

(Farr Arrow) #4

CCP, thank you once again for another “week” of amazing content and for everyone’s obvious hard work at helping all the newer pilots get more involved in everything-Eve. For myself, I particularly enjoyed “This Week in Eve’s” highlight on the information about mining and also the promotional stuff about Faction Warfare. And of course all the artwork and videos that everyone seems to be constantly doing is like totally amazing. How could anyone not like Eve?

(Evocationz Adhera) #5

As Always, we offer a huge selection of guides

(yellow parasol) #6

Thank you so much for adding my poll! :smiley:

24th :blush:

(Arcanith Lionheart) #7

Looking forward to give Valkyrie a try! Should take the dust out of my joystick

As well as Winter for the Winter update

As well as all the other cool things

(Krima Sumyungi) #8

Neither Valkyrie nor Sparc are “EvE”. We all know you’re desperate for someone, anyone, to play these pieces of trash, but go take the advertising to youtube. They’re flops, like all of your other non-EvE projects have been and will continue to be flops. Stick to EvE only news when doing “Week in EvE” from now on, kthnxbye.

(zluq zabaa) #9

General Question about Lifeblood: will there be a Compression Module for Refineries which replaces the current POS Compression Array?

(ckinoutdahoe) #10


granted this may all be true, but in the end it is utterly boring. so you have to amuse yourself by any means you can to deal with it.

I have not mined or done ratting in nearly my entire time in eve, Now that it is worth the time ( time has value ) I am left with little choice that scales up so well and will be even better with the moon goo or at least i hope so.

I do enjoy building as it is something to do for yourself or friends especially out in null where things can get a bit crazy for availability or pricing.

To clarify: mining is something we are more or less forced to do or pay dearly if you don’t.

Anyway i thought i would add my 2 cents since i saw the “joys of mining” in this thread.

(Arcanith Lionheart) #11

I actually enjoy mining. It’s not “fun” but it ain’t “boring” either, I just enjoy chilling.

This is the same as saying “I like salmon”, you always have some people that hate it. If you don’t like it it doesn’t mean others won’t :smiley: Some people play for enjoyment, others play for fun, most for efficiency, if I were playing for efficiency I would be running Warzone sites nonstop right now and get burned out, those sleepers give some nice mad dollah! But nah, I don’t stress over things and just stick to a system or two, if they are there sure I’ll jump there and let a late player have kills if he needs them for the objective, if not, meh, I’ll just run a mission or two and end the day mining!

Let’s face it, we live in a world where people are entertained watching paint dry, so mining is at least more entertaining than paint imo :rofl:

(Flechette) #12

Is there some functionality that is exclusive to the ‘POS Compression Array’ that isn’t covered by the already available ‘Compress’ functionality currently provided by any Citadel/Eng Complex equipped with the ‘Standup Reprocessing Facility I’??

(Kali Abraxas) #13

who is the senior developer/ person I need to ask to get new updates here? thanks

(Yoshi Tadaruwa) #14

Thank you CCP for the work that you do and sharing with us what others do as well!!

(Sylvia Kildare) #15

In before all the paint-drying-watchers come out to attack you for being so unfair to their beloved pastime.

(Farr Arrow) #16

About mining…

I wouldn’t say I actually “like” mining nor can I honestly say I dislike mining. If I am washing some dishes or doing chores around the house with my wife, I can always do some away-from-keyboard mining in high sec while also periodically keeping an eye on the chat channels. And yes this is sorta chilling out I would think maybe. While actually maybe deceiving myself a bit that I am truly making significant “progress” in the game. And yet doing this does add a very small handful of isk to my account.

Afk high sec mining with a cheap Retriever seems to be about the easiest, least stressful thing that can be done in the game. And eventually hopefully I can get myself charged up and have time to go do something more difficult or dangerous or exciting later. Mining is so easy to do and hardly dangerous at all (in high sec). So I think that’s why I sometimes do mining. So it’s probably good that Eve provides this meek and mild activity for those of us that want to do it maybe.

And the minerals mined can make all sorts of shiny new weapons and stuff that blows up.

(zluq zabaa) #17

Wow, I had no idea that it already works. Thanks @Flechette

(Flechette) #18

No problem!

Being more ore less unaware of what compression was until stumbling on this functionality in my favorite Citadel, it was a bit of a ‘mind = blown’ experience upon making this realization! x)

(Ptraci) #19

Unnecessarily complicated.

(DrButterfly PHD) #20