How deep the rabbit hole go?

Hello everyone.
I played EVE for a bit last year, now I’m back because i couldn’t find another space game that looked and felt as appealing as this one, maybe someday i will find one even if it’s a pixel art single player one but for the time I really want to get into EVE, this game has a huge learning curve, at least it feel that way.

I played Star Citizen before but i can’t do it anymore i respect and love the vision for that game but i can’t be on something that just feels like it will be forever in a early access stage or it will sit there for a very long time, i do know that EVE in some ways it’s different but it’s here it’s finished, it still gets patched and updates, it has reached 20 years of life and it’s established in the industry of gaming, i didn’t play EVE until last year and for years and years i always heard the name EVE Online, for a certain story, huge battles costing thousands of dollars, a scam, treason…throughout the years i always heard this game’s name being mentioned and that’s something special, it means that this game has achieved something special, just like Warcraft or Starcraft, CS GO, there’s certain games that you always heard the names even if we don’t play them.

EVE Online seems to be a complex game in more ways than one, to have a steep learning curve but taking place in the universe i would imagine that some events would take place in it? I was talking to someone in the chat earlier on and the person mentioned that there are, we were talking about this because I really enjoy mining, that there are moon pulls like a station shoots a big laser or whatever it is into a moon to pull parts of it so that people are able to mine those parts, it seems that it only takes place a few times per week and the person told me that that’s a sight to see i want to go to the place and just sit there and watch it, it seems worth it to be honest. Sadly shortly i left the chat and the game because irl calls and i forgot to ask if other events like that or different take place in EVE? If so where can i know more about them? For good or bad i always tend to explore in the games i play and EVE taking place in a huge universe it seems to be that there is much to be discovered.

I also, when talking to people, get this feedback that in EVE we can set up to be whatever we want and i keep wondering how much is that? What can we be really in EVE, how many different lines of trade/professions can we be?
I also heard about stories of rescue missions, do those really take place in EVE or is it possible to do rescue missions or earn a life by trying to save people in the deepest and darkest corners of space?

I apologize if i touched different points on this thread but EVE Online when i look at it, and I’m speaking from the most rookiest noobiest perspective possible, seems to be a Huge complex game only by looking at it’s surface and when i start do delve into it very slowly it seems to be so much more, now to someone like me that’s fairly new in the space gaming ambience it’s a dauting thought but at the same same time there’s also a sense of wonder and excitement into it.


The rabbit hole certainly goes deep enough. I cannot lay out every career you could do in EVE but there is a niche for you in groups of thousands to a group of a dozen. These arent just gameplay niches but social ones. There is a group out there doing just about anything and they want new people to join them.

EVE is a complex game but not at all a prohibitively difficult one to figure out. I mean heck, everyone else managed so you can too. Ask questions, build a little wallet and then start joining groups and trying things out.


A link Careers - EVE University Wiki

Although you may role play whatever you see fitting into New Eden, finally it revolves around finding something which is fun for you to do and something that can fund that with ISK. For some people these are different things for others it’s the same.

To your particular question about rescue “missions”, well you can’t really get lost in New Eden, rarely though people get stranded in a wormhole when losing their equipment to get out intact (you always can self-destruct home). If they don’t want to lose their implants they can call for help on Signal Cartel, a player corp dedicated to charity services for explorers. And you guess it, no you can’t make money from that.

The mentioned moon mining “event”, is also not really an event. It’s how this type of mining works and it’s driven by player corps using special structures and modules. You let the drill carve out a chunk of the moon, tractor it in range, let it pop, and then mine the resulting debris field every week or so.

You can follow the lore written by CCP, and regularly there are events scripted by the devs about it, sometimes only to watch unfolding, sometimes players get involved to shape the outcome. Those player events are usually a lot of fun and profitable.


Let me add one important aspect, EvE is a very social game, players are more mature, and friendly … but they will shoot and kill your ship/pod whenever they can and fit to their play. Treat your equipment you undock with as disposable, especially at the beginning before you know all the obvious and hidden rules. EvE is a full loot game centered around PvP in all its aspects.


Hello @Tipa_Riot thank you so much for your feedback :slight_smile:

Maybe i explained myself in the wrong way, i played MMORPG’s in the past like World of Warcraft, Guild Wars 2 that type of game and in these sometimes there’s like events taking place in certain occasions and i was wondering if EVE had something similar for example places that players usually visit that are a sign of things that happened in the past or events that take place in certain systems or even in a larger scale?
Events that would be worthwhile a player to stop and witness it :slight_smile:

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Theres a lot of monuments scattered around New Eden. Let me see if I can dig up an old website of them.

Edit: Here it is, good luck in your journeys:

You can see the sites by region for things player-driven like Steve (the first titan ever destroyed) or unusual in the universe like the Pool of Radiance.


… and most recent one, the monument of the one and only Keepstar in highsec which was destroyed about a week ago at the Jita gate in Perimeter. Also worth visiting the destroyed star gates of the triglavian invasion on both sites.


@Io_Koval @Tipa_Riot @Wolfgang_Jannesen I really thank your responses i will check those websites that you guys posted, I’m one that loves to read even if it is on the computer i always prefer to read than to watch a video.
I will be looking for more EVE stories, for a game with this scale and the years that has been around I’m sure that i will find interesting material.

This is somewhat off topic but reading through some parts of the forums on Steam and on some old videos i caught a glimpse of some comments where people mentioned EVE Online being a pay to win game. Is there any truth about this? I’m really sorry if i chat and ask a lot of questions but i just barely got into this game, of course i got Omega mostly because to me i see it as a way to support the game.

It’s a pay to lose game if you have no idea what you’re doing.

It’s a pay to use game if you do know what you’re doing.

For the community, “winning Eve” is a common euphamism for “quitting Eve”. Therefore “pay to win” makes no sense.


To add, you can buy PLEX for cash from CCP and convert into SP (with diminishing returns) or ISK, that’s it, but you can’t buy fun, knowledge and skill. As was said above there is no winning condition except the goals you set yourself, it’s a sandbox.

Because it’s a sandbox and forever universe, all ships and modules available have their use, pros and cons, and are balanced against each other. So buying the biggest, most expensive stuff, usually just makes you hunted, and opponents happy about the shiny loot. :slight_smile:


Events like the ones in GW2 - thinking of Divinity’s Reach, Lion’s Arch, etc - not really, although we usually have in game-events in those same periods. We do not have similar congregations of players like in GW2, mainly because we are a murderous bunch of immortals hell bent on destruction, lol. Well, not mentioning the occasional titan or super bash when ccp has confiscated assets.

As @Io_Koval has mentioned, there’s the resource from evetravel. I’ll add Katia Sae’s own stories from her website .

There are also the (currently) two volumes of if you like real books.

Eve lore and player in-character stories are collected on Lore | EVE Universe

etc etc. A game this old has had plenty of player and offical contributions, some of which are harder to find than others.

Nope, there is no truth in it, although some players may want it to be true, lol. In EvE you are what you bring to the table and how you evolve via investment of time and effort and by the choices you make. In that sense, one can remain a rookie indefinitely, or grow into the other extreme and lead vast numbers of other players.
Of course, someone who multiboxes (several sub’d accounts) has advantages over someone who does not, especially when it comes to income (not mentioning pvp multiboxing here on purpose, one always has to assess the situation in system and close by, so multiboxing is not really an issue if you are on single account).

The rabbit hole goes extremely deep, and I hope you will explore most of it during the next decade !

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Hello @Wadiest_Yong I appreciate your feedback as well.
In terms of lore, stories you guys already provided me with a lot to lose myself into.

In terms of the in game events i was thinking the same as you or myself experienced in WoW or GW2 but someone in game mentioned this “event” for miners that takes place, i think they call it a moon pull? It’s a drill or laser exploding a portion of a moon and slowly dragging it towards a mining platform?
I asked the person if that would be worth just to be there and watch that happening and he said absolutely, i will try to make it to one and watch it but i was wondering if other things like that would happen in EVE, things that can happen in real time and that would be worth the time to just observe it?

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If I want real time events, I’m tethering on one of the public citadels on the Nourv gate in Tama, and watch the Snuff gate camp. :wink:

I don’t remember anything else outside of ships/fights/explosions than the moon mining choreography that have a more complex animation in the backdrop. There is one, anchoring Upwell structures animate their progress iirc. But explosions are certainly more fun to watch.


Moon mining is a common thing in New Eden. Since the changes that happened to it during our infamous “Scarcity” period, I don’t know how prevalent it still is in hisec. Most of it happens in nullsec.
It’s indeed a cool sight if you can see it, the lava crater on the moon surface, the chunk in space, the tractor beam that pulls it to the station that fired the shot.

The above screenshot is from me traveling to one of those chunks for closer inspection. You can still see the station and its tractor beam in the far background on the center right.

As to the actual fragmentation of a moon chunk (blasting it into asteroids), I’ve never seen it happen (it takes only a second), neither have I seen the initial creation of a moon chunk at the start of a mining cycle (cycle can be chosen by owner) - only heard it when I was near the station. Where I live, the process is fully automated, although the fragmentation into mine-able asteroids can be done manually.

It shouldn’t be too hard to find a moon mining operation in hisec 0.5 systems. Look for the correct Upwell structures and go see if they do active mining.

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In a off topic subject @Tipa_Riot @Io_Koval @Wadiest_Yong @Wolfgang_Jannesen i was reading about EVE shares, it’s related to corporations it seems?
Can players make ISK from that?

In theory, yes. You are able to issue dividends to share holders in proportion to the shares they hold.

In practice, no. The first thing experienced players do when creating a corp is to give themselves all the shares, use their 100% vote power to create the maximum amount of shares possible, then also transfer all those shares to themselves. This way there is no possible way anyone else could have even one share of the corporation.

Why this extreme? Eve history is littered with stories of crafty individuals getting a hold of just enough shares to do a complete hostile takeover and take all the corporation‘s assets and ISK for themselves. The victims call this stealing/robbery, the mastermind calls this business, and everyone else thinks „■■■■ I don’t want that to happen to me“.

There was maybe one noteworthy exception in the past where a guy expertly ran a corporation that took on investors and issued regular dividends while not being taken over by shareholders. But he has long closed up shop.

In general ISK in Eve is easy to make by yourself and the nature of „investing“ is mostly in rare assets and not in corporations / operations. Corporations are too small an entity to invest in.

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So in what can players invest their ISK?

Themselves. Every loss is ISK spent on yourself to make you a better pilot. After each loss it is important to figure out what that lesson is. Or the multiple lessons, if there are more.


I’m still impressed about how EVE seems to happen around the players and that we can set ourselves to be whatever we want to, well what’s available to us to be in the game, yet i have no idea about all the things we can be in this game, i know that some are miners, others pirates but for the rest i don’t know.
I guess there’s ways as well to manufacture and sell drugs?

I’m not yet fully aware of the possibilities that this game offers.

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We used to have a very good pve guide for many aspects of EvE. It’s still available on the internet. Far from being up-to-date (that stopped in 2016 I think), it still gives a good impression of what is possible from the game mechanics. What you do with the toys in the sandbox is what indeed makes the game revolve around the players, rather the opposite of what happens in most other MMO’s. The players create the depth of the rabbit hole…

For what it’s (still) worth, here’s the link to the old website, where you can download the “ISK the Guide, Volume 1”, in pdf format (click on the picture). Volume 2 was meant to be all about pvp, but was never finished. It’s still worthwhile to leaf through the book, it took tremendous effort to compile and keep the content up to date for as long as it existed. Just don’t use it as a point of reference to make plans, always check if the info is still valid. Quite a few things have changed since then, but at least you’ll get a thorough idea on what is possible.

Many years ago this picture was made, an attempt to capture the things one can do in EvE: