Down the Rabbit Hole

Fredrik Knudsen, a Youtuber with 1m+ subscribers, recently uploaded a new episode of his series listed above, which is about Eve.

I’m only half an hour in (the video is nearly six hours long and tbh it’s a disservice to call it that, it’s more of an extensive documentary) and I’m blown away by how much it covers. Also got me in the feels too seeing all of the super-old gameplay and how everything used to look so long ago. Apparently he’s researched the video for two whole years, and it really does show.

It’s full of stuff a lot of us probably already know about, but it’s still an incredible undertaking, and it’ll be great to see so many people who would otherwise have never even heard of the game be exposed to it like this. Grievances with individual aspects of the game aside, I think it really does put back in to perspective the huge undertaking and unique product that Eve was and is.


I’m waiting for an hour long trailer to come out, highlighting the key points.


I have never been in space for more than 6 hours. Before I watch could you give a short review?

Is there any mining on the vod?


I remember when I would pull all nighters(most were between 10 and 12 hours, and sometimes I would do that a few nights in a row, yeah, it probably wasn’t good for me) mostly because all the people I fly/used to fly with were in a diff time zone, but they were fun to hang out with, so it was worth it(most of the time)

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I’m about an hour into the documentary and it’s only begun discussing the first few years of Eve.

I don’t really know how to say this, but would you recommend it? Is it an interesting documentary, or a boring one? I am assuming I would find it interesting because I play eve, but don’t know when I will have the time to watch it, so I will ask people on here if it is good/interesting/worth my time/etc…

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*We Frostpacker will begin watching after we finish mining!

Can’t you just watch it WHILE you’re mining?

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It is so nice to see Fredrik Knudsen release a new video (it has been too long since there was a new video from him).

I have not finished listening to the whole thing yet, but it is very fascinating.

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4 hrs in, not bad tbh

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Got to say I really enjoyed this documentary.

Brought back some old memories and reminded me why Eve is the game that keeps pulling me back after all this time.

Well worth a watch in it’s entirety.
You can watch in parts you know! Time stamps are a thing :wink:
Fantastic documentary.

Huge respect to Fredrik Knudsen for a job well done. o7

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CCP is showed like a bunch of inept people. That the game is still being around seems to be a success of its community in like 90%.

3 hrs in, now at the “monocle gate” (lol, that’s when I started playing EvE).
Very informative, especially about the first years.
But wth is “stronium” ? :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:
Anyway, the narrator/writer didn’t mince words. Highly appreciated (and respect to ccp for linking to a documentary that is critical of them in all the right places).

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I have watched perhaps an hour of it. It’s pretty good.

It’s good but not comprehensive in the ways I had hoped, which he admits that when the credits roll. I really think the only mistake he made was focusing so heavily on the minutia of nullsec politics and spending a lot of time reading direct quotes that could have been summarized with the full quote displayed on screen for those interested to read. I liked the way they attempted to explain huge battles non-players may have heard of but never really grasped.

The majority of people watching something like this aren’t going to be eve players and I feel it was a mistake not to highlight incredible moments that impacted everyone, such as the goons/trigs blowing up the Jita - Amarr trade route, orgs like Red Frog (“Yes our delivery people are unionized in Eve Online” would have been funny.) and events like players assassinating certain NPCs (Amarr, movie star yachts, etc) or the player graveyard (Which I live near, and visit every week. Still moves me to tears to read some of these cans.) aren’t even mentioned. Such a missed opportunity for storytelling and highlighting the nature of a sandbox when buzzwords like “metaverse” and “emergent gameplay” are in vogue. All of these are true video game history moments like the assassination of Lord British.

With the way the video opened I expected a much bigger focus on player agency shaping the digital world and how things like space bushido are genuinely practiced (and often enforced) because of the concept of a single-shard server. Games like Overwatch famously struggle with “toxicity” because of the nature of “quick match” and never seeing the same people again, where as Eve - these people are often your neighbors and even the roaming pirate gangs in lowsec are familiar names to the locals.

Players being able to shape or impact the game world was the reason I grew disenfranchised with other games/MMOs, and I think a video essay like this only goes to prove my point. Our actions impact the world, Who would have ever thought your text chat from 20 years ago would be getting documented, read out loud, and discussed because your internet space ship blew up?

It’s just a shame to me that things like the zombie smartbomb exploit get so much coverage and paint the game in such a harsh light so early, when Eve truly bloomed into… well, it’s a gangly mess of tentacles more than a tree, but there’s still more to it than the roots. He mentions at one point skill injectors and the negative impact, but no mention of how you used to lose SP when your clone died. Also, the Prospector Pack is still for sale, it’s just cleverly hidden as an in-game offer instead of blatantly displayed on the store, and CCP was brazen enough to put the odd pay-to-win “standard” cerebral booster back on sale last week (20% damage boost for characters up to 35 days. Why does this exist again? And behind a cash price tag?) Dust died, yes, but as a console video game. It’s like saying Call of Duty 14 died. We’re on Call of Duty 30+ now. It was launched and supported, it just didn’t reach the Peter Molyneux levels of promise it was hyped with at the time. A console game has a fixed life expectancy just like the console it is tied to, and died right about on time, but what do I know? I just don’t think it “not doing well” was worth harping so much on.

Nitpicky perhaps, but overall a good vid. I binged it all the day it came out in true MMO player fashion.


The other part that got me was when he talked about a cyno jammer making people gate their caps in 4 years before caps could even use gates.

Great idea, it’s not like you need to pay attention to anything while mining


Well while maybe harsh, after riot games had that massive poaching party with some key ccp staff way back some devs didn’t have you wonder if they were loyal employees or riot didn’t want to poach them. The latter was looking real probable.

It’s already 6 hours worth of key points. I watched the whole thing and though it is very informative and contains a lot, one gets the impression a great deal has been skipped over as well. Which is inevitable as even 6 hours can’t contain 20 years of Eve.

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I was attempting humor. I’m sure it’s great.