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I always found the names of the companies involved a bit of irony . . . crowd control productions being raided by riot



No mention to Holy James 315 who changed Highsec forever.

0 Rabbit hole. Dont waste your time watching it.

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There is an hour long interview with the maker, Fredrik Knudsen, of the documentary on the latest episode of The Meta Show over on Twitch. He explains why things were included and omitted, among other things. (this episode Twitch , starting at 6 min)

The narrator could have used a little training in broadcast journalism to modulate his voice a little and sound more interesting. It’s fascinating information, obviously a ton of work, but it is a little boring to listen to because of the amateurish voice-over.

People in this thread are talking about players affecting the game… but that isn’t really true for almost all players. It is a very, very few that affect the game. The rest of us are just swept along as their useful tools. Just like in real life, everyone can aspire to change the world, but the truth is that ability, no matter your willpower, is gated behind a lottery, and winning it is more rare than being hit by lightning.

I disagree. His voice was perfectly suited to helping me drift off to sleep.

I’ll be listening to him often in the future.

Mr Epeen :sunglasses:

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I agree with you except you can choose to close EvE Online, not so much with real life.

One can change the world one person at a time and it is much more rewarding than getting into politics only to be controlled by Banks or partisan shenanigans.
Organizations like Doctors Without Borders, the Red Cross or Salvation Army may not change the world but they change enough in someone’s life to make the world a little better.

It sucks, I really want to watch it but I am having a hard time listening to that robot voice :frowning:

Blaah blah blah

It was an exceptionally good documentary of Eve.

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I’ll watch it for sure now, knowing that it’s not full of propoganda.

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