Eve Online: The Way (video fanmade)

Hello community, just a message to share you a personal creation, I hope you will like, good viewing! :slight_smile:


No reviews yet?

Pretty good, but it felt short or lacking something…

I loved the sombre tone, music choice, and cinematic shots. The lighting was great, a bit dark but fit the mood.

BUT where it seemed to fall apart for me was it lacked a visible “story” or direction. At first it seemed to be a collection of really pretty shots, then it gradually turned into an action montage.


I wasn’t going to bother joining the new forum, as it is normally the most wretched hive of scum and villainy ever :grinning:

Well more accurately I couldn’t remember my password, curse the new launcher!

But after watching this, I must admit it was worth hunting the attic for my old Eve Online Software Box :grinning:

Your video is haunting in places, edited beautifully and superbly shows off the new graphics.

I think it is a video version of the ‘EVE Universe: The Art of New Eden’ or DeadEndThrills’ ‘DET :: The Art of Gaming’ DET - EVE Online Gallery

Also what is the music you use it slow pace and rising to the end reminds me of 'Harold Budd’s or Brian Eno’s minimalism meeting Clint Mansell’s ‘Lux Aetenra’

Looking forward to seeing some more.

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Thank you for your feedback, it encourages me. I’m aware of the mistakes but I’m starting out and intends to improve myself in the video editing. Thanks again. :slight_smile:

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Good video, a bit depressing tho, haha just kidding you know what I mean right lol.

Also maybe applies to more things but I’ve learned to never take people’s criticism in artistically stuff (like video edition)
It’s about if you like yourself what you create, and if, others are lucky enough they can enjoy it to.

I do video editing myself in the free time and made a eve video some weeks ago.
Music is by 2 steps from hell - starsky

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The editing and visuals are great. But as mentioned the story line is lacking. What story are you tellIng? What will I learn? Where will you take me?

We all love stories. It’s how we communicate and learn. The best story tellers know how to lure you in, keep you there on the journey that is the story.

On YouTube is a channel called nerd writer, he analyzes movies so you can see how the story in a film is built. Check it out.

Also, a really good editor knows when to leave something out no matter how much they want to use that footage.

Good start, now make your next!

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I reviewed it over on the Spanish section i think. I really liked it. Certain places the mood was so good it made my hair stand on end :slowparrot:


I did not want to tell anything, it’s just a contemplative video :slight_smile:


It is a great start. If you want some inspiration or ideas on contemplative videos, there are some for another game called Kerbal Space Program by Nassault, or really any of his videos.

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I really liked it, and just took it as an atmospheric EVE / space / spaceship showcase, which in my opinion doesn’t need a story-line. Good work.

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Well produced, you managed to keep that dark unforgiving vibe within the video which is great. Well done.

Yes I could feel that. It made me contemplate Eve and consider my next moves. The ships tell a story of their own, their power, their beauty. I love Eve.

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“The Way” Had none but nice screenshots to a music score 4/10

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