EVE Online Fanmade trailers

I made some eveonline trailers using footage from eves official trailers.
Can i get any opinions on them?

I am currently making a third one so i will really be looking forward to reviews so i can make the third one better

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I liked the 2nd one, good graphics compared to the first one.

Maybe add a short story narrative to the trailers?

Anyway, good job…


I will most likely add a narrative to the 4th trailer as the 3rd one is almost coompleted.

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This is the 3rd one

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Nice job. The longer one starts off serene then builds up to the action. The shorter one starts off with the action. Both are good, although I like the one that starts off a little slow and builds slightly better. I saved them both to my EVE public playlist on my Youtube channel.

Ok thanks for saving it to your playlist :slight_smile:

Im thinkng of making a remake of the longer one with better transition and higher res scenes do you think i should?

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I made another one : )

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My own personal favourite…

Personally I’d love to make a trailer with the music to Mikrokosmos ’ Some Thoughts’ ( with the words of Jim Carrey ) rather than all the jarring victory music.

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