Whats ur guys opinion on this fanmade trailer?


Are you sure it’s player made? You mean machinima or just mashup of other EVE trailers?

It looks verey much the same to the original trailer :thinking: (except for music and opening scenes)

Its basically a mashup of other trailer lol this wane was low effort

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Hey so heres me again, basically at the end of the trailer it was all the footage was from the same trailer yet i did trim it so it fits to the music better, i didnt just slap it over the music and done

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I guess it was a matter of wording used in OP :slight_smile:

If you’d writen smth like “evefan remix” it would be less confussing :slight_smile:

Also why is there this minimum character limits to post… the only reason im typing here is because it exists

Remember lads 99.999% of game adds look nothing like the game.

True lmfao…
While graphics in the trailers are accurative the gameplay isnt

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