I made a thing from all the things watch plz

It took me 50 years enjoy.


That was LIT. Amazing work.

Nice work!


Shared this across social media, enjoy the vews buddy :slight_smile:

I like it. :grinning:

Very cool.

But “EVE forever”? Ehhh… I’d love to believe that.

Interesting. Same text, and just cutting trailer material together. Is that your work, too, from 12 years ago? :thinking: If not, maybe you should give credit to the older/the original work.

Though, seeing the Prophecy trailer again still makes me sad that capsuleers did not have a chance to destroy the plans of other capsuleers to create their own gates. That trailer was so awesome, but CCP butchered everything it could have created.

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This is neat, subscribed! Also…collab?

Nice, great rendition, excellent synopsis of the game

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