I made another eve trailer!

Any opinions?


really good


Well as a video it’s pretty enough, I guess.

I do find it somewhat sad that all the trailers that make EVE look interesting don’t represent anything like actual gameplay though.

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That’s pretty awesome, nice job.

I want a trailer showing how a “massive nullsec battle” looks like. With the time dilation thing, nodes going down, battle being won because of the metagame, etc.




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I agree this is just like those ads that show a truck climb up a mountain at a 65 degree angle. When I try it both the truck and I end up in the scrapyard. Every soccer mom in the USA needs an SUV that can drive across arctic tundra. Every teen who buy an inflatable doll really deserves the girl photographed on the box. Every man needs a shampoo that actual can grow hair on a cue ball!

Good video but where is the truth in advertising?

I guess it’s in videos like this one. In 10 minutes of graphic, pulse-pounding battle, in a massive fleet conflict, if you watch carefully… something almost happens!

But somehow people seem to think the whole “cinematic Star Wars combat scenes in space” is a better draw, even though it’s merely hype and fantasy.

Love it, very well done !

Keep it coming !!

Yeah that is kinda sad tbh

yeah il make another one when i get my new pc assembled made those from school computers since they are better than my laptop that has 4gigs of ram lol

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