Looking for specific Eve/dust trailer

Looking for a link to a specific Eve/dust trailer that I can’t find for the life of me: a woman walks down a corridor/cat walk in a space station/ship to a monitor with a live feed from a solider on the ground, the solider complains to her about the lack of orbital support (something to the effect of “where is the orbital strike you promised”), and then she calls An orbital strike on top of the solider and then walks away from the monitor. Then there is narration from her about something something backstabbing/doing what needs to be done or something to that effect. All of the scene is pre-done /professionally acted - not live players creating the scene or anything

ISK reward if found for the first person who finds it!!


Sounds like it’s this one:


That game was FNG AWESOME!!!
Problems it had were it was on console only, I get it trying to get customers. But the console squeakers could not handle skill progression, they want easy upgrades like Call of duty style games. Those of us that did play it really enjoyed the depth of the game and Eve connection, the potential was amazing. There were some amazing Planetary Conquest campaigns.

Unfortunately a small player base didn’t warrant keeping the server up.

CCP should bring that game back and put it on PC only!!!
It would add a ton of depth to Eve, hell, the clone manufacturing facilities are what the battles were fought over in Dust 514. That’s where our clones come from.
The whole game was based in Molden Heath.

Something to ponder.


YESSSSSSS @Aisha_Katalen!!! Finally thanks for finding it - Money has been sent!

Also sent @Aiko_Danuja a consolation prize for taking the time to look.

Thanks again guys!


That wasn’t really necessary but thanks!


Dust might not have done super-well on PC because Planetside 2 exists, but it would’ve still been way more successful than on a dying console.

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Planetside 2 and Dust, completely different games.
I ran one of the largest outfits for the Terran Republic for years. Unfortunately the game is to repetitive for a lot of people.
Dust would thrive based solely on what it would add to Faction Warfare, nevermind the battles for planets in Molden Heath.

Eve is great but needs something new.

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Continuing the discussion from Looking for specific Eve/dust trailer:

Would warclone mercenary troops (from the incoming CCP London FPS shooter) attacking PI colonies, taking over POCO’s, ships et al would be “something new”? Just like in the DUST trailer above

IMO something like that could become an interesting game of it’s own (eg. Dust on PC), but wouldn’t add that much to EVE itself. PI, POCOs, ground troops etc. is a sideshow to the spaceships/economy simulator.

Something new for EVE (that actually improved things) would revolve more around significant new content for spaceship play, and hopefully various fleet size challenges and PvP mixed with PvE. If it was something that involved more player-corp related play available at the small-to-medium corp size, that would be even better.

Hell yeah. :smiley:
In addition, boarding action for citadels and capitals. :japanese_ogre:

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EVE Forever held so much potential for an incredibly comprehensive, varied and epic game. All thrown away by a developer plagued with incompetence. This is one of the reasons why I turned into a bitter vet.

The depth it would bring would be substantial. The spaceship warfare would mean a lot more fighting for control of planets with the manufacturing facilities that produce clones we use.

Orbital strikes, and tanks and vehicles would all have to be moved by ships, supply lines for ground war.

Fighting for planets for PI.

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DUST was part of EvE’s economy.
I remember making munitions for Dustbunny support.

–Gadget would like to see market diversity increase for a change


Back then, in DUST514 there was a “Corporate Wars” kind of battles where corporations ought to buy their own clones for battles with other corporations at ~600k ISK a clone. The leftover from that are “Warclone blanks” you can still buy for 1mln ISK a clone (Blood Riders use them in their sacrifices I think). The clones were also produced by “The Districts” the Corporations fought each other for. Each battle needed a 100 of clones per side if I remember correctly and after the victory, remaining enemy clones became spoils of war. The clones could be sold for profit or used for another battle and the claimed district produced more clones. I took a break after DUST was closed down.

But recently my interest in EVE was renewed when rumors of another FPS in beta came out. I’ve bought omega time and started to revamp my PI colonies to produce anything I suspected could be used for warclones economy in FPS and even bought some warclone blanks off the EVE market and tried to bring them down to my colony for protection but failed miserably. (more on this here and apology I link it “everywhere” I post, I can’t help myself :blush: ) I even filed a Support ticked for being unable to transfer warclone blanks via POCO, but was told by GM in return that my High-Tech PI factory should be able to produce the clones. WHAAA?! I’ve immediately checked with my managing engineers at one of my PI colonies but she politely calmed me down with an assurance there is no know schematics for producing warclone blanks at PI factories.

I can’t tell if the GM trolled me or maybe she once saw something at the clandestine “CCP London FPS Beta<==>EVE Online server” (is Duality its name? :P) and spilled the beans by mistake. We can only guess.

The idea of hiring team of warclone mercs to do some quick “precision work” on planet surface, in stations (as seen at the end of “The OP Trailer”) or SOV structures or space battle as fighter pilots (I once fought EVE: Valkyrie was aiming this way :frowning: ) is winding up my imagination…

But despite that I’ve decided to stay on alpha after my omega ended until the FPS is out (…or not :confused: )

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I wish dust was still around. It was difficult but my favorite fps. Still holding out hope for whatever new fps they make.