Dust514 Epic and Not Forgotten

I just saw an old video from my original corp playing and bombing from space in real time and thought back about how good the game has been and am left to wonder what happened to some of the great things we have all experienced with CCP over the years and all of the adventures the dev team has had along with us since my start in 2006.

When I first started some of the ideas I first had of what could eve does that would excite me. Back then Dust514 was just released or being released but never the less was one of the most epic ideas in my mind. What other game title at the time includes the members of an MMORPG, sandbox, space game, and PS4 console gamers (Don’t know if it was on XBOX?.) and what an experince a FPS game like no other out there before or since. Now it been a long time I know but I now look at my own children’s generation which are teens with FPS Skills and I think they are really missing out on what EvE is and was. The whole storyline and in-game skilling trees for a MMOFPS and cross-mixed corporations of both EvE Pilots and EvE Soilders Corp chat was live to have crossplay and the interaction it was all amazing and I wish CCP saw it as an expansion to the game like most games and kept it going.

This Forum post is not to make waves or to start a riot or something I just had a thought about something cool from days old and it is something that is missed about EvE. There are still numerous amounts of things CCP has released and put the work into for EvE and it’s members and I would think the wider the base the more servers hosted the growth into everything it started was an amazing goal.

GL and Fly Safe…

If you remember anything that has been lost it’s important please post I want to hear your story’s :slight_smile:


Wish it was on PC

Why make a console only FPS when the MAIN GAME is centered around PC players?

Doesn’t take a degree in business admin to know something is wrong here.


It was honestly hard to believe they did that. I would have played, both at the same time likely.

Shockingly bad decision


DUST was only available on PS3 and CCP didn’t have the resources to port it to PS4, so the game was scrapped.

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Nostalgia is helluva drug.
I still think characters we play in EVE still have place on the planets and stations in EVE world, and it should incude bipedal locomotion, and wheeled, and tracked.

I mostly remember watching characters from Dust chatting in EVE, as I prefer PC and had no console, as consoles are known to last only few years, together with titles, then there is next part with new console, and that is business known to last for some time, recycling old titles…


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There are more references to dust IRL :stuck_out_tongue:
Another One Bites The Dust

Dust In The Wind

Gold Dust (the artist name sounds familiar :stuck_out_tongue: )

Dust …is simply ubiquitous

Just random google search for things long gone and not forgotten. Watching it makes you really eager to play it again :slight_smile:

…that voiceover …gives me shivers hehe


I miss the dust bunnies.

They were decent customers, and conversation when I was lurking in Dust systems.

—Nostalgic Gadget


I always enjoyed it and would play it again (if I didn’t have to wait 20 min for a match). Commando+Sniper was my go-to, or a cloaky hacking scout.


Oh did you know that you can sometimes buy dust (^▽^) bunnies on ebay from time to time U。・.・。U

Would you share your wild expectations towards CCP’s new FPS that was asked in the long survey recently? Mine were (in probability order from highest to lowest):

  • mercenary jobs for raiding PI/Stations/Structures/POCO’s/Capital ships :military_helmet:
  • planetary archeology :woman_scientist:
  • PI maintenance (resetting/reposition harvester heads) :factory_worker:
  • being a docker (building ships at dockyards. maintaining ships at stations) :construction_worker_man:

It was an amazing idea but poorly executed, and yes it should have been on PC first for so many reasons. I bet the creators at the time all grew up with PC games and not console, it was a very poor decision for console only which left me baffled.

FPS games will always be part of my collection, other games such as Elite Dangerous and Starfield seem to have no problem transitioning from Space Shooter to FPS modes, I think the only problem with regard to CCP doing it is their creativity.

Eve will need an FPS mode if it is to survive the harsh gaming world, and this time please do it properly!! I still dream of running around a space station or ground installation with a True Sansha Assualt Rifle carrying out tasks while under attack and stopping other players from overrunning the installation, this fits in nicely to Eve online and it fully compliments the dark and unforgiving world we all love.


I love Eilte, don’t get me wrong, but lets be honest here. Elite’s FPS is not great in the slightest. Terribly unbalanced, buggy, and just rather janky in general.

Starfield has not been released so we can only speculate what it will be like.

As an avid FPS fan and going from experience, most games that started out as something other than an FPS but tried to transition to or incorporate FPS elements have been lackluster to say the least.


From what I saw in u2b presentation by Bethesda, there is no smooth transition from space to planet. While in orbit, you choose a spot to land and then there is a generic landing cutscene played. There is no atmospheric flight (yet?) akin to NMS. Didn’t played Elite, so I have no comparison.


This. Weakest part of the game by far, sadly.

FYI, there have been new job positions added recently at CCP London FPS (link), mainly for characters and props development.

So it must be past prototyping/poc phase already :slight_smile:

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I hope so, honestly, it would be nice to have a Dust 514 for PC. I used to play it on ps3 then followed it when it was project nova for PC. Alas, I thought it was going to be lost to the ages. Yes, it was a bad decision to release it on ps3 at least it was bad to release it on ps3 with no path to re-release on ps4. Which could have saved it. We shall see as bad as I want the game I really think it is lost to the ages sadly.