Why did Dust 514 shut down

what happened to dust 514 and what exactly did CCP say before they shut it down? I never played the game but from what I have found it looks like the best game ever, with all the connection to eve online and orbital bombardment and stuff. why did it ended?

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Many things.

But I think it all stems out of teh fact it was multiplayer made for console. In 2014 CCP showed that they seen the problem with eventual demise of that console and tried developing DUST for PC, which didnt work out. They showed some demo publicly on fanfest for PC but thats all.

I played it and enjoyed it when it was around. I never uninstalled it from my PlayStation 3 and it was sort of always there. I did sell it and I was kind of sad when I reformatted it because there went my copy of Dust. The PS4 was really just around the corner when DUST came out, and I’m not sure if people were spending money on the game or not.

I bought a mattress a few years ago and the guy who sold it to me was an avid DUST player. Literally the only time I’ve ever met another Eve player. He played it because it was free, as it took quite a bit of convincing for his wife to let him get a PS3 in the first place. (It was a blu-ray player first) and DUST was free to download and play.

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I bought a playstation just to play Dust. The idea of the game was fine, but it was stuttering, the resolution was really low, it was a bit like I was catapulted to the past and got a potato to play on. I tried to play it a couple times, but I really can understand why it died. At least the playstation could be used as a blueray player…

To this day I can’t understand why they always kill their new games by tying them to a completely hopeless platform no one has (VR) or is at the end of its lifecycle (PS3), when they have a fanbase on PC basically begging for the game.


Memory hazy but I feel like a game they competed with was PlanetSide 2. Dollar for dollar I think that was a better game? Opinion obviously. Both free to play

Edit: that being PlanetSide 2 as the better game

I was hyped af for the game and was at fanfest when they showed of valkyrie too.

However I had no interest in buying a ps3 just for dust and an expensive VR set up just for valkyrie. The latter also being the reason I havent played hl alyx altough being a massive HL fan.

I guess the reason it died is, as mentioned by the previous poster, that ccp decided to make it a ps3 exclusive.



EVE: Valkyrie – Warzone is a first-person spaceship shooter that brings VR-quality
immersion to PC and PlayStation®4 in a new expansion – without the need
for a virtual reality headset.

You don’t need VR for valkyrie

I shared the very same history with Dust as you did, bought a ps3 to play it (at reduced prices and with extras, coz … end of life cycle). The game itself was pretty much DOA.
It used an old engine.
It was nothing special as a fps, that in itself already doomed it.
The game was developed far away from where EvE is developed. It showed. It felt like it didn’t share the company culture.
There was no real connection with EvE online, except for silly orbital bombardments.
Aggravating bugs. I remember characters getting stuck on invisible ledges. And sniping from drop down ships…
Very limited content. No real progress during beta.
It could have been great, if it had been integrated with Eve, but they kept struggling with the engine.

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but will CCP ever make another game like this? it looks crazily attracting to me.

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