Goodbye Dust514 Forums

sad reacts only
10/10 would play again.
LulKlz will remain active and open to all former Dust514 Mercs.


Been dreading that shutdown all week. Checked in this morning as soon as I woke and sure enough, it was gone. I almost called in work to take a sick day.


If only CCP wasn’t run by retarded monkies and had listened to 99.9% of players who said to release the damn game on PC as well. We’d all still be playing DUST and CCP would be making money off it.


Rest In Peace, Dust. I’ll miss my dropship.

Except that because CCP requested help from Sony in making Dust, they were under certain contractual obligations imposed by Sony. This is also why CCP stated that most likely we would not be able to carry characters over from Dust to future games as Sony owned part of the intellectual property rights.

I wish I could get a copy of my posts or the Corp discussions… they still have sentimental value

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