Project NOVA so hyped!

Just had to post that I am super pumped for that first newsletter. CCP everything you put in it genuinely spools up my hype, and honestly you guys have been pretty crap at that this year.


When was this released? I’m on the mailing list as of a week ago but haven’t received anything.

Could you share its contents here?

EDIT: Nevermind, found a screenshot here:

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lol i bought a ps3 for dust and still have $100 unused credit on my account. this will die out just like valkyrie and dust did.

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Both DUST 514 and EVE: Valkyrie pretty much only failed because their platforms were so restricted and expensive that only a small section of EVE players, let alone new players, could get into it. Launching this game on PC eliminates pretty much all of those barriers and the last time CCP launched a new game for PC it maintained 20,000+ active players 24/7 over 15 years later.


Pretty please allow me to revive my Dust character and assets in Nova :blush:


im hoping too

you do understand it no longer needs VR right?

Yes, that feature was added over a year after the release of the game, at which point I think CCP was just trying to salvage it from total oblivion.

But that’s just my guess. I don’t work for CCP.

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Didn’t they say like a week after they tried to sell it to a wider audience that the game would not further be developed. I thought that was a pretty shitty move.

I’m still looking forward to see what project nova is all about.

Well it was an offshoot game, and what was created was pretty much finished. So not too much harm in ending development.

One of the main reasons is a VERY low player count.


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I believe this is the correct response.


I never got to play Dust, but that was because I refused to buy a slaystation to play it. I gave up on consoles.
As long as you can play it with a PC… I will buy it.
I never bought a oculus but I got to play Valkyrie at a friends house.
Virtual reality just isnt for me, I like the monitor where it is, two feet away from my head. I am not going to go out and buy some equipment besides a PC for gaming. Building your own PC is far superior, at least I think so.
With that said I am very excited to buy Project Nova.
As long as I don’t have to use Steam to play it.
No… I don’t want to save 50% off a game from 2005 that wasn’t worth 5 bucks to begin with.


This sounds solid and promising.

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We’ll see.

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It is an online game. Ending development means they will shutdown the servers not in a too distant future. And then the game is no longer playable because the server software will probably not be made available like it is the case for most games this days unfortunately.

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I would like it to have more than online mode. Offline mode for example.

An offline mode in a PvP game where all progress needs to be tracked? :stuck_out_tongue:
Yeah i don’t think its getting an offline mode

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When Internet was not so popular many FPS games had actually offline mode with bots and single player mode where tournament were populated by bots. It was the most obvious thing to incude. You can still play those games, on your own servers.
Nobody ever thought about adding microtransactions, people made mods instead on their own. :ok_hand:

Unreal tournament I remember had a very strong following, and in fact the recent engine is the same for NOVA.

Molden Heath… I haven’t heard that name i ages.

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