Where is Project Nova?

I havent seen anything about it. Is it dead?

I know I could look it up, but for the benefit of others that will see this question, s’il vous plait… what is Project Nova, kind sir?

It is basically a remake of dust 514 with modern tech. If you dont know what dust is, it was a EVE Online FPS that was for the PS3.

If only there was a CCP event happening soon where we might get some information…


Ah, thank you! And Dust 514 is a tragedy, a ‘what-might-have-been’. I knew folks that were introduced to EVE through Dust 514 alone, so it had potential.

No it’s not dead and just recently, emails went out to old Dust514 players so they could register their old character names for use in Nova.


What platform will it be?

PC only

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PC thankfully

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Surely you must be mistaken sir.
CCP doing the right thing, that can’t be right.


Ten days till EVE Vegas

I’m sure it will have some horrible catch. Let’s see.


You should follow the current world news. It’s related to NOVA, and it’s about boarding ships.

You mean like this?

Dont know, but desperate attempt to build hype around it on twitter have made me think its not dead yet.

Maybe dying tho.

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Since the new forums I’m somehow completely disconnected from that site

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For everyone who cares:

@CCP_Falcon excuse me for tagging you, but i think there is a way for making sure more people get to know world news. It would be helpful pushing into the players minds the importance of the in game world news in regards to real life developments around CCP (see world news regarding Echelon Entertainment and the aquisition by PA) and how they give hints about current and future developments.

i might be asking for a lot, but maybe having them prominently displayed on the forums would be a good thing. We get notifications about login issues, which are important, and having such notifications regarding in game world news might help raising awareness.

i know that redditors post them, but not all of them, and not everyone uses reddit. as ima states, the new forums lowered her awareness, and it’s statistically unlikely she’s the only one.

uuhhhh i guess, what i mean to say, is that the ingame world news always provide a wealth of information, cryptic or not, and that too many people are likely completely unaware of them. i, myself, actually care about them, but too often i just forget … which is bad.

Thank you, and please excuse me for tagging you. Also… i’m behaving well! thanks for the reminder, i really appreciated it! :slight_smile:

EVE Vegas 2018 - The Megablog!

We can only pray it is.

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Or… maybe… that’s a bit of an esoteric idea… huh… how about… news about the game… IN the game?

I mean there are billboards everywhere. Why can’t we interact with them and get a newsfeed or something?

It feels a bit strange to have to go to a website for the whole lore stuff. I feel CCP should integrate more of that into the client directly. This would be a far more immersive. Those whole NPCs have actually a deep lore and there is quite a lot of material. Yet in the game itself they feel like a 2d paper facade that gets knocked over if you sneeze too hard.


Those are not the feet of a deceased individual.

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