Project nova..please read

Firstly can I say that dust514 was a great concept the main problem was the ps3, the corporation idea where u fight other corps was one of the key attractions of the game, another key attraction was the grind to get better items and to level items up, both of these need to be in nova the first attracts players the second help create revenue from boosters etc, if u try to make a pick up and play lobby game like most developers are doing then it will just be another cod clone where the only goal is the leaderboard, planetside2 is the only dust like game and it still attracts a good number of players because it is the only game of it kind, there are thousands of players wanting a game like dust 514, but they are just not there, I just don’t understand why developers don’t see this and keep making the same tired old crap, you got it right with dust but like I said the ps3 was a massive problem, so what I’m saying is you need to make nova a dust part 2 simple as that, 1 corps are essential, 2 the grind for exp and isk must be like dust, I guarantee that sales for boosters, starter bundles etc will be huge, but if u make a 6v6 lobby shooter then it will fail because u need more of a reason than leaderboards. You have the best consept of any game I have ever played, eve is dying and vr was never really alive, dust 514 part 2 is the future, if you get it right it could last for many years and make good profits. And can you please let people know what your intensions are with project nova, if it’s been canned then tell us, I bought a £1200 pc for nova and I would like to know what’s happening…please.


Text wall deals Gadget Helsdottir 198724369 damage.

–Gadget dies


The ability to impact EVE through nova and orbital bomb in EVE to effect nova is also key.

You need communication between both as well.

Also, I thought the method of generating maps by using a mix of static layout coupled with random pre-defined structured was nice. Maps did not become the same constant battle as the design changed slightly from fight to fight.


On a scale from infinity to infinity, how dumb are you?


If Nova ends up being a Dust clone imma be mining some premium salty :sob: tears.


What you think I left it in the box, I had to learn M&K so I was ready and now I got M&K SKILL, 6 months and I can slay vets in games, remember my name, it’s what my nova name will be.

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Are you in the Dust Veterans discord? If you aren’t, you should be. It’s where you can share ideas and give feedback to the Nova devs.

Until we have actual Nova forums, that’s the place to be.

Edit: Forgot to mention that you can just go here: and you can read about everything that’s been “publicly” confirmed for Nova to this date.


I know one thing, if they will throw new guys into matches with vets, they will end like with vakyrie and dust. Its aways problem. I dont know if they would go EA way and make people pay for the game and throw pay to win items also, or make game f2p and match players with OP gear with completely green guys. Both methods look bad and both are usually demanded by some bad managers who prefer profit by sacrificing user satisfaction.

Competition is fierce and they should be better than competition to have a chance.


Ok thanks darth


Two options really, novice server till u reach certain level, or the choice to fight higher exp players with high reward for killing them, so if you kill high exp u get a lot of exp, so it’s down to player choice go to novice server or try ur luck on main server with high reward system.


tis millions they need, not thousands, thousands would be one of the resons DUST514 isn’t around anymore.

that’s pretty hilarious :rofl:

well now, i guess the devs better stop what they are doing and sort you out with DUST514 II right away. :roll_eyes:

  1. millions would be fantastic, 2) are ccp developing vr anymore? Is eve strong ATM?, 3) its not like dust shutdown last week, it’s been a while so asking about nova how many years after is not really like, do it now is it?

I await your answer, to 1,2, and 3

Scifi FPS is bland and boring. Shields % rubbish, if I shoot someone with a gun I wanna see em drop RO2, PUBG or Squad stylez.

lol, I didn’t even realize there even are Nova devs. Are you certain they aren’t chat bots?

I’d much rather have an Eve based MOBA or Online TCG than an FPS. Stop trying to enlighten the console peasants. Leave them to their crumbs.

Here’s a shot of a “part” of the Nova team, eating pizza which the Dust Veterans crowdfunded for them:

Totally up to you to decide whether they’re bots or not. Sometimes I wonder as well…


You had to crowd-fund them dinner?!

No wonder it’s taking so long. :sunglasses:

–Gadget like pizza, too


Lies! Me and a group of my drinking buddies are the real Nova devs. I’ll get you an address to send the pizza to.

CCP Rattati is quite the taskmaster. We’ve told him food and encouraging words can actually speed up development, but he remains unconvinced.