World of Darkness - Millions wasted
Dust 514 - - Millions wasted
Walking In stations - - Millions wasted
Valkyrie - - Millions wasted
Gunjack - - Millions wasted
Project Nova - Any news on this project or is it yet another dud?

It’s another CCP failure ™. After years of work the alpha was so bad they basically went “back to formula”. Since they can’t even seem to afford to keep their primary game properly staffed, that’s code for “It’s dead, Jim”.

If they would only keep adding stuff to EVE. :thinking:

We would have at least walking in stations and avatar exploration like it was advertised. And planetary interaction like it was advertised. And new space with expansions to expand growing playerbase. :thinking:


You start to sound like me.


It’s almost like you are wildly wrong on those millions wasted.
Or do you actually have internal accounts information to show department budgets and income?
A game shutting down is not evidence of the games failure to make any money. It’s only an indication it’s future profits no longer look great.

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EVE profits would look better with all the stuff CCP could develop, what was promised and not delivered.

Also the fact EVE persists despite all the funding other games got that are now not bringing profit, something CCP could have considered few times. And that was obvious for EVE players that EVE will persist, just not for CCP obviously.

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Amazing. An old MMO which is clearly in a stable state persists while non MMO games don’t…
It’s like we are talking about different genres of games entirely.
Also we have no evidence that any of those games impacted negatively on EVEs development. They were separate teams, in most cases massively separate geographically, and simply tossing more money at EVE wouldn’t provide any guarantee that it would be any more profitable than the other games.
WoD was a flop yes, hardly the only company to ever develop but not release a game.
But the others were all fine games. Just because they didn’t last 10 years doesn’t make them a failure.

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Clearly lack of funding for EVE have made CCP not develop things as promised. They had to switch teams and it was chaos like with WoD case.

So if company doesnt know where to put money, they have a very big chance to make bad decision and develop stuff that will never be used past some point in time, at the same time hurting their main source of income, in that case EVE. That is what happened.

And even Captain Quarters, the thing that CCP have completely abandoned, not delivering on WiS at all, it still had 3% usage, same as wormholes, years after DUST 514 was already non existent.

CCP just doesnt know where to put money, so they have less and less…

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I agree, even Hilmar said somewhere that they moved too fast with side-projects when there was money pouring in. Maybe Eve could’ve been like Star Citizen is hoping to be.


Better. :stuck_out_tongue:

No 1000 dollar exclusive ships and actually big playerbase. It could even keep subscription and people would pay it to play the game, it would be so good. Star citizen would look terrible in comparison.

Planetary landings, planetary missions, bases on planets, everything tied with WiS mechanics and avatar exploration. And cash coming to EVE instead for WoD development and the DUST 514. All the assets would be coming to EVE, game would be expanded and people would still play it. And new players would be brought together with their money.

I thought that was the original idea for EVE, that even before 2010. Turned out CCP was straying from the path. With predictable consequences.


Yeah and a couple of years ago there was talk of Extra Vehicular Activity being worked on for Eve. Would’ve been interesting to see but I think it’s another thing that was scrapped.

Should I point out that Dust, Gunjack and Valkyrie were actually profitable?

Or do you just want to complain some more?


Some argue that CCP might have got a better return on their investment if they had re-invested much of that back into Eve Online instead.


Perhaps but that’s never what people are arguing, at least until someone points out a profit.

And it makes sense for a company to try and diversify its revenue streams.


Yeah totally made a profit, everything was as expected :money_mouth_face:

Oh the firing of the VR and EVE community team? No that was completely unrelated, just regular business, nothing to see here. Please move on.

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The vr team wasn’t fired.
The division was sold off, staff with it.

While it made a profit, it seems it wasn’t enough, and they decided to leave that market for now.


The point is they got rid of it. What about the community team and multiple other people they fired? Because they made a profit and everything was fine? Not sure why you try to paint this situation in a completely different light

I love how all these supposed business geniuses come onto these forums and argue against CCP developing other games and instead placing all of their company’s fortunes into a single, 20 year old property.

As Steve said, it’s called diversification and it’s a valid path to growing a business.

Some of you business geniuses might want to look that concept up before coming on these forums talking about what you know nothing of and making yourselves look foolish.


How you diversify is also important.
Develop things on dying console and VR. It was CCP idea.

EvE players wanted diversification in the game they considered something with growing potential. Only CCP made decision to abandon their own previous good ideas and betray EVE players. Chasing after ilusions that quickly dissipated.
They come back in shambles.


And how much of that 3% “usage” was new accounts that hadn’t bothered to change out of it? The simple truth here is that WIS was nothing more than a test bench for the WoD game engine. It had zero purpose in EVE and near-zero potential to ever add any value. So yes, once WoD was cancelled WIS became legacy code and was removed as soon as supporting it required any work.