(proposal) Dust 514 loyalty

Hi, I would like to propose that all Dust 514 players will be given the sp and their Dust 514 character name be transferred to Nova once live .

The Dust guys have been very loyal to ccp and deserve to maintain there characters. Please don’t throw things at me if this has already been brought up .


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This isn’t something the CSM can help with sadly. The CSM represents EVE Online the game, not the universe. I’ll mention it, but don’t expect anything to come from it.

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Much Appreciated

No thank you, id like a new name. My old name always got cut off in the menu because of length and people kept calling me auris lioness instead of

As long as I keep my SP I’m fine.
But there’s alot of issues with Nova.

yeah CCP better do something for us after all the money we spent on their beta game i personally spent somewhere in the range of $1000-$1500 on that game in the hopes that it would become bigger and better and now i can’t even play.

Thats awesome! It was a UI issue with your name. Novas UI will be different so hopefully more of it will be cut off now!

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