CCP, please release Dust 514 character names for use in EVE

According to a support ticket I submitted a short time ago, character names from Dust 514 are unavailable for EVE character names.

Considering Dust 514 is dead, can we please release these names?


You don’t want to hold any dustbunny hope, as meager as it might be?

Besides, Hermoine von Hogwarz wasn’t really all that awesome of a name anyway. :wink:

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CCP do and have purged unused names - from time to time

no reason why they wont do it again Unless the Dev that knows how to do it was sacked or quit lol


Bumping this - come on, CCP, do it.

CCP said in London (i think it was london … not sure) they are thinking about a scheme to release “old” or “unsused” names of chars


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