Dust 514 Names

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I’ve been wondering if there are any plans for the names that were used by Dustbunnies.

As the infantry has been removed from chat channels and Dust 514 has closed i wanted to see if some of the names could now be used in EVE (the same way the name of a closed corporation or biomassed character becomes available).
It seems the EVE database still considers the Dust names as unavailable eventhough Character Search (in-game) doesn’t give out results.

(Not sure if this post is in the right forum though…)

They still exist in the game, just aren’t searchable. My bunny still is in my corporation.


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The names & other character attributes are meant to be somewhat transferable to Nova or whatever ends up replacing Dust. Therefore till that happens it’s unlikely they will be cleared.


Thanks for the replies. What you wrote made a lot of sense.

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